Youth Options 

The Youth Options program allows all public high school juniors and seniors who meet certain requirements to take postsecondary courses at a Wisconsin technical college or institution of higher education. An institution of higher education (IHE) includes UW System institutions, tribally controlled colleges and private, nonprofit institutions.
The program opens the door to greater learning opportunities for students who are considering a technical career, students wishing to begin college early, or students who want to prepare to enter the workforce immediately after high school graduation.
The student does not have to pay for a postsecondary course if the school board determines the course may receive high school credit and the course is not comparable to a course offered in the school district. If approved by the school board, the student will receive both high school and postsecondary credit for a successfully completed course. The high school will grant a diploma to a student who has successfully completed high school graduation standards, regardless of whether the requirements were met at the high school or a postsecondary institution.

Forms you need 

A program plan and report form (PI-8700A) used to notify the school board of a student's intent to participate in the program may be obtained from your school district, DPI, or DPI's web address
Application forms for admission to a postsecondary institution may be obtained from your school district or the postsecondary institution.