Luis G. Cortes 




Major: Organizational Communication

Hometown: Oshkosh, WI

Career Aspirations:   Luis would like to become a youth leader and is interested in international missionary works.

Extra Curricular Interests: Luis enjoys playing tennis, trying different types of tea, journaling, and is the president of the club Students Without Borders. 




Brenna Miller



Major: Criminal Justice

Hometown: Beloit, WI

Career Aspirations: After Brenna would receive her advanced degrees in Criminal Justice, she then would look forward to working with local businesses as well as city planning committees to formulate more effective plans for crime control.

Extra Curricular Interests: Brenna is the President of the Theta Phi Alpha sorority, Student Senate Representative for the Pan-Hellenic Council, and is also involved in numerous community service activities.  


 Bee Yang  




Major: Early Childhood/Elementary Education

Hometown: Sheboygan, WI

Career Aspirations: Bee would like to Study Educational Leadership and ultimately become an assistant principal or principal in the Sheboygan Area School District.

Extra Curricular Interests:  Bee is part of the Big Brothers & Big Sisters program, a member of MSEA, and Kappa Delta Pi.



 Lisa Sics 




Major: Criminal Justice

Hometown: Menasha, WI

Career Aspirations: Lisa wants to pursue an advanced degree in Criminal Justice.

Extra Curricular Interests: Lisa enjoys helping others.



 Rachael Kolaske 




Major: Nursing

Hometown: Fond du Lac, WI

Career Aspirations: Rachael would like to become a nurse and be a good role model for her daughters.

Extra Curricular Interests: She enjoys camping.



 Patricia Rodenkirch 



Major: Psychology/Thanatology

Hometown:  Fond du Lac, WI

Career Aspirations: Patricia’s ultimate goal is to help with bereaved children and teens to help them with their journey through the grieving process.

Extra Curricular Interests: She enjoys hiking, gardening, and reading. 



 Emily Arndt  



Major: Social Work

Hometown: Fond du Lac, WI

Career Aspirations: Emily would like to work at a Non-Profit agency that focuses on children in poverty and eventually would like to start her own center where she would offer free tutoring sessions for the students.

Extra Curricular Interests: Emily enjoys being outdoors (camping, snowmobiling, hiking, swimming), watching sports, and spending time with friends and family. 



 Mike Castillo 




Major: Mathematics

Hometown: Stevens Point, WI

Career Aspirations: Mike would like to focus his attention on independent research and/or become a college-level Professor.

Extra Curricular Interests: Mike enjoys playing piano, reading, running, and computers.



 Becky Hass 




Major: Mathematics

Hometown: Fond du Lac, WI

Career Aspirations: Becky would like to be a college professor of mathematics at a small university.

Extra Curricular Interests: Becky is a part of the Science and Mathematics Association (SMA), Kappa Beta Gamma (KBG), Learning Center Math Tutor, Student Mentor for the First Year Experience, enjoys spending time outdoors and time with family and friends.  



 Sandra Gierach 



Major: Nursing

Hometown: Fond du Lac, WI

Career Aspirations: Sandra would like to become a nurse practitioner and to teach anatomy and physiology-biology.

Extra Curricular Interests: Sandra enjoys watching movies, knitting, and sleeping.



 Mia Newton  



Major: Social Work

Hometown: Pepin, WI

Career Aspirations: Mia would like to receive her Masters and possibly a Doctorate degree in Social Work.  She would like to work for Child Welfare, become an advocate for children and families.

Extra Curricular Interests: Mia enjoys scrapbooking, watching her kids sporting activities and travel. 



 Sarah Londo 



Major: English

Hometown: Kewaskum, WI

Career Aspirations: Sarah would like to teach at the college level and receive her PhD.

Extra Curricular Interests: Sarah enjoys playing music (piano and guitar) along with spending time with her boyfriend.