Program Description

The McNair Scholars Program, also known as the Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program, is one of the Federal TRIO programs. It is specifically designed to prepare participants for graduate studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities. This program, established in 1986 and named in honor of Challenger space shuttle astronaut Ronald E. McNair, Ph.D., is underwritten by the Department of Education. 

The goal of McNair Scholars Program is to increase the attainment of graduate degrees by students in all disciplines from historically underrepresented segments of society. Program participants are either first generation college students who meet the federal financial eligibility, or from ethnic backgrounds that lack representation in graduate level education.  

The McNair Program encourages students to prepare for graduate studies by providing opportunities to define personal goals, engage in research, and to develop the skills and student faculty mentor relationships vital to success at the graduate level.

Institutions that receive the award work closely with these participants through their undergraduate requirements, encourage their entrance into graduate programs, and track their progress through to their successful completion of advanced degrees.  There are currently more than 200 McNair Programs across the country; and Marian University is proud to be one of the recipients of this grant. 


  • To insure our students receive training in research methods and information skills sufficient for continuation at the graduate level.
  • To provide opportunities for summer research internships and other research experiences throughout the academic year for each McNair Scholar.
  • To insure that participants receive counseling and academic advisement.


Program Summary



McNair Program graduates usually enroll in programs of study at the graduate level at rates higher than comparable non-participants. 


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