Definition of a McNair Mentor 

A McNair Mentor provides guidance and support to his/her assigned scholar for the completion of their research projects. The mentor also provides advice to students in preparation for a successful entrance to graduate school.

“A mentor is a teacher, a counselor, and a role model who leads his or her mentee through guidance and who inspires him or her to move forward by providing continuous support, direction and advice.” -- Unknown author.

Mentor’s Eligibility

At Marian University, both Faculty and Staff can serve as mentors, provided that they demonstrate expertise for an applicable discipline and have a proven track record substantiating the qualities that support mentorship.  Though a doctorate is preferred, a terminal degree in the mentor’s area of expertise at the Masters level or higher and/or significant experience in the field is acceptable (e.g. advanced computer technological skills or juried reviews of art/music).

Faculty Mentor’s Responsibilities

McNair Scholars credit their Faculty Mentors, rightfully, as vital to their success with the research internship and their overall progress towards graduate study. Faculty Mentors assist Scholars in developing professional work habits, research skills, and relationships conducive to future doctoral pursuits. Faculty Mentors’ collaboration with McNair staff, who provide administrative support, also contributes greatly to the effective operation of the program overall. Faculty Mentors’ specific responsibilities include the following:

  1.  Facilitating the Scholar’s research and other scholarly work

  2.  Promoting a professional relationship with the Scholar

  3.  Fostering the Scholar’s general intellectual development and preparation for Graduate Studies

  4.  Participating in McNair Scholars Program events 

Current McNair Mentors 

Mary J. Polchert, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Nursing
(920) 923-8581

Shane Boeder, Ph.D.
School of Arts, Humanities and Letters
(920) 923-8176

Janet McCord, Ph.D.
Department of Thanatology
(920) 923-8952

Jeffrey G. Reed, Ph.D.
Dean of School of Business
(920) 923-875

Mary Kate Friess, MSN 
Assistant Professor of Nursing

Lance Urven, Ph.D.
Dean of School of Math and Natural Sciences
(920) 923-7644

James Gray, J.D.
Director of Sport & Recreation Management Program

Richard Lemke, Ph.D.
Criminal Justice Professor

Michael Doherty, Ph.D
School of Business
(920) 923-8742

Susan Bornstein-Forst, Ph.D
School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
(920) 923-7648

Shannon Losing

Past Mentors 

Andy J. Gill, MAE -- School of Criminal Justice

Amy Hennings, MA -- School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Leslie Jaber-Wilson, MSW -- School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Helen Moll, MSW -- School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Jerry Burns, Ph.D. -- School of Arts, Humanities, and Letters

Jennifer Krueger, MS -- Director of First-Year Experience

John Morris Ph.D. -- School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Thomas Wallestad, MFA -- School of Arts, Humanities, and Letters

Stephen J. Merrill, Ph.D. -- Marquette University

Sr. Cyndi A. Nienhaus, Ph.D. -- School of Arts, Humanities, and Letters