Student Leadership Conference Sessions with Descriptions:

11:00 AM - Noon Sessions: 


11:00-12:00 More Action, Less Title: Empowering Student Leaders to Do More – James Robilotta
Being a student leader is an action, not just a title. If you’re a new student leader who wants to take on your new role with gusto or a seasoned leader who wants to leave a meaningful legacy, you will leave James Robilotta’s workshop with new energy and key concepts to increase retention, boost morale and help your organization do great things on campus that will continue beyond college! His unique combination of humor, personal experience and effective strategies provides a refreshing message for student leaders to do more in their role with purpose, confidence and above all, fun.

(Session Full) 11:00-12:00 Calm Your Mind & Awaken Your Body Through Yoga/Breath Practice – Cheryl Passel
Yoga is an extremely potent agent of transformation, and not simply a form of exercise. The first part of this class will emphasize the poses (asanas) combined with proper breathing (pranayama), inner awareness and alignment.  The second half of the class will focus on slow stretches and a short meditation with the intention of promoting relaxation.

11:00-12:00 What is your Push Goal: How to get everything you want and more! – Severa Krueger
Lots to take in....lots to think about! Where do we start? My suggestion...develop GOALS! This session is meant to be a road map and a guide to help you get from wherever you are to wherever you want to go. Write down your goals, make plans to achieve them, and work on your plans every single day. There are almost unlimited opportunities today for creative and determined people to achieve more of their goals than ever before. Is today your day?

11:00-12:00 Leadership for a better world, exploring the Social Change Model - Leadership Integration Seminar students
Explore strategies of improving the world through making change happen. Thinking about the 7 C’s of change (citizenship, collaboration, common purpose, controversy with civility, consciousness of self, congruence and commitment) this student led workshop will help participants discover who to make a difference in the world.

11:00-12:00 Smoving!...Smile and Move – Kate Candee
This workshop will help you inspire and encourage your group, club, or team to be
more positive and service oriented (and action oriented) in your efforts and with the people around you!

This is what makes good things happen for everyone!  It’s about keeping that positive attitude and focusing on results!


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Sessions:


1:00-2:00 Life, Liberty, Leadership, and the Pursuit of Career Using LinkedIn – Scott Dell
LinkedIn is often thought as a “Professional Facebook” allowing you to network with peers as well as movers and shakers.  It can also help you gain access not only to a variety of professionals, but may also be used as a powerful research and communication tool. We will learn more about how you might access and share a variety of information and resources using LinkedIn.  At our session, we will start with the basics of using and establishing a LinkedIn presence and quickly progress to how to use it to join professional groups, research information on peoples and organizations and access articles and comments of others, using LinkedIn as a powerful tool to help you access information as well as grow and succeed as an aware professional.
1:00-2:00 Who Am I, and Why Do I Care? – Andy Miller
Let’s get to the root of who you are.  We will begin by discussing different leadership styles and personality types.  Then we will use discussion and a few practical exercises to help determine your personality type and what leadership style best fits you.  Different situations will call for different styles, but this workshop will give you a good starting point for developing a leadership style that is all your own.
(Session Full) 1:00-2:00 How to get S@#$&* Done – Taylor Putz
This workshop will focus on how leaders can overcome obstacles that lead to getting things done.  Taylor Putz will work with participants to identify challenges such as presenting an idea for the first time or building trusting relationships. Then, participants will develop strategies for addressing the things that are standing in the way.  [Taylor is a recent Marian grad who worked for a national grassroots organization right out of college and is now managing an anti-poverty campaign in Minnesota.]
(Session Full) 1:00–2:00 Well-being and Leadership: Pursuit of the Good Life – Jennifer Krueger
Come explore how your own personal wellbeing influences your leadership abilities, which in turn helps in a satisfying and happy life—thus “a good life.”  This interactive session will explore components of wellbeing and leadership as posed by the Gallup Foundation.  One small step begins with you!!
1:00-2:00 Meditation for the Leader – Michael Ketterhagen
Leaders today need to make rapid decisions that are good for themselves and for everyone else with whom they work. They also need to know how to effectively manage all the stress that enters their life.  This session will focus on the preparatory actions for an effective meditation practice and will teach a ten-minute mediation practice that will train the mind and relax the body, breath, and mind.
(Session Full) 1:00-2:00 Psssssst......Your Happiness is Showing! - Jackie Ciocchetti
As you hopefully gleamed from the title, this session is going to be about happiness: being it, recognizing it, chasing it, keeping it, loving it. It makes me happy presenting it, and I sure hope it makes you happy to experience it. Originally created as a blog post, this session will cover 7+ habits that you can practice in order to be a happier person. Happiness is not a “one size fits all” state of being, but there are many actions we can all do to achieve it in our own lives. Come and learn these simple tips to find out just how happy you can be!