Student Leadership Conference Workshops 2017


Session 1 - 11:00 AM - Noon 


Alumni Refresh:  Quality Time with The Ripples Guy – Paul Wesselmann

This session is just for our alumni, and will include some activities as well as an extended Q&A and discussion time.


Essential Questions for Student Leaders – Leadership 350 Students

Self-awareness is the starting point for effective leadership.  Kevin Cashman writes, "We lead from who we are."  The interactive workshop will focus on the important questions every leader, and especially student leaders should be asking themselves.


Calm Your Mind & Awaken Your Body through Yoga/Breath Practice – Cheryl Passel

Yoga is an extremely potent agent of transformation, and not simply a form of exercise. The first part of this class will emphasize the poses (asanas) combined with proper breathing (pranayama), inner awareness and alignment.  The second half of the class will focus on slow stretches and a short meditation with the intention of promoting relaxation.


What season are you? Embrace the change – Severa Krueger - SESSION FILLED

"Good-night to the Season! - Another Will come, with its trifles and toys, And hurry away, like its brother, In sunshine, and odor, and noise"

Every season brings a sense of contentment. If you're having a great year, you may be content in all the blessing of abundance. You may not even be as focused on growth or movement. You're enjoying the fruits of the season.

But in a harder season, it is even more essential to be content. To realize this season is essential for growth, for change, for movement, for discovery.

Change is evitable. You are exactly where you were supposed to be right now.  Embrace Change.

Come learn about the 4 seasons and determine which one you are in!


Life Enforcement……Be the Change Agent- Keywon Brown - SESSION FILLED

Learn about Officer Keywon Brown and his team on how one could make a difference and incite positive change in a community, as well as compel others to be guided towards success. Learn about how he organized through a non-profit organization that later became Life Enforcement. Learn how to bring a community together and focus our attention on being the positive change that we want to see in the community.



Session 2 - 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Transforming Self through Meditation and Stress Management – Michael Ketterhagen - SESSION FILLED

Become the transformative leader that you long to be by wisely managing your stress and by reaching the source of transformation within you through meditation.  The presentation and experience will detail the steps involved in both managing your stress and plugging into the Source of your powerful leadership through meditation.


Open Up to Bullet Journaling with Jennifer Krueger, Director of the First-Year Studies Program - SESSION FILLED

"Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up into your brain. Cheap paper is less perishable than gray matter, and lead pencil markings endure longer than memory." – Jack London 

Leaders set and achieve goals!  Leaders are organized and visionary!  Come explore Ryder Carroll's method of journaling, which includes, goal-setting and tracking, list-making, and time management system with a bullet point/symbol system.   The session will give you some thoughts and ideas to help motivate you and keep you on track for your life goals.  The cool part of Bullet Journaling, is that it is customizable to fit each individual's needs.  Learn the basics and then make it your own.  This is an essential tool to consider for any leader!


Grass Roots Activism – Leslie Jaber-Wilson

Grassroots activism at its most basic level is a group of people who feel strongly enough about an issue to come together to address the issue. Marian University's core value of social justice often requires us as members to address social injustice. How do you do this by engaging with others in grassroots activism? What if you feel compelled to lead grassroots campaigns? This session will explore skills and strategies for participation in grassroots activism.


Differentiating Yourself: What is Toastmasters and how can it help me in LIFE? – Scott Dell

I have a GPA, a major - maybe two, have had a part time job, possibly played a sport and now I WANT A JOB to kick off my CAREER.  So what makes me different from the 40+ other candidates applying for the same position?  Set yourself apart by bringing more of the soft skills desirable e to employers while simultaneously helping you get ahead wherever you go!  We anticipate a Toastmaster's chapter coming to Marian soon.  This organization is dedicated to professional development, enhancing leadership abilities and communication skills along with increasing your ability to think on your feet.  Find out what Toastmaster CAN do to help YOU SUCCEED!  


Have You Allowed Marian to Develop Your Leadership Skills Before It Is Too Late- Jim Gray

In order to enhance existing Marian University student critical thinking skills, along with their creative attributes, this presentation will first address "Imagination" and "Vision" in a rapidly changing world.   Second, "Persistence" and "Commitment" will be examined in connection with the challenges associated with student diligence towards degree completion. Third, "Joy" centered on promoting student hope and personal achievement, within the context of civic engagement, will be evaluated. Hypotheticals will be shared with all breakout session attendees in order to maximize discussion and analysis relative to "Transformational Leadership."