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Student Leadership Conference Workshops 2018

Session 1 - 11:00am-noon


Fearful to Fearless Deep Dive - What's Next? – Darryl Bellamy - SESSION FILLED

You've heard Fearful to Fearless, and now it's time to go deeper! After analyzing thousands of fears, Darryl realized there are five characteristics that if you improve, you will be more willing to push through your fears. In this breakout session, you'll take the Fearless Assessment to see where you fall in those five characteristics and learn more about yourself along with a few activities to strengthen yourself in your journey to be Fearless.

Calm Your Mind & Awaken Your Body through Yoga/Breath Practice – Cheryl Passel - SESSION FILLED

Yoga is an extremely potent agent of transformation, and not simply a form of exercise. The first part of this class will emphasize the poses (asanas) combined with proper breathing (pranayama), inner awareness and alignment.  The second half of the class will focus on slow stretches and a short meditation with the intention of promoting relaxation.


To Be Fearless, You Must Be Scared – Lyndsey Seewald - SESSION FILLED

Fear is the catch twenty-two of emotions; in order to say one is fearless, one must dive into what they are afraid in the first place. This interactive workshop will allow for self-discovery on your personal fears, encourage you to look them in the eye and cry, and understand that the only way to lead is to walk right through them. Once we create a space of self-awareness in fear, the next step is to lead fearlessly. Be ready to be vulnerable, be scared, and to grow as a human being!


The Dog Days are Over - Jordan Dykstra and Lisa Kidd

Ever wonder what happened to the people involved in "The Big C" and " Outsourced and Eliminated!  What do you mean I am unemployed?" dogged problems? Come hear their stories first-hand and how they overcame their fears, stigmas, and persevered.


Have You Allowed Marian to Develop Your Leadership Skills Before It Is Too Late? – Jim Gray

In order to enhance existing Marian University student critical thinking skills, along with their creative attributes, this presentation will first address "Imagination" and "Vision" in a rapidly changing world.   Second, "Persistence" and "Commitment" will be examined in connection with the challenges associated with student diligence towards degree completion. Third, "Joy" centered on promoting student hope and personal achievement, within the context of civic engagement, will be evaluated. Hypotheticals will be shared with all breakout session attendees in order to maximize discussion and analysis relative to "Transformational Leadership."

Session 2 - 1:00-2:00pm

Walk the Talk Leadership – Mackenzie Miller

During this workshop, we will work on minimizing the gap between who we are and who we want to be. Leading in a world full of followers is scary and a tough thing to do until you're moving confidently towards who you want to be. Followership is surrounded by social media interactions and what we are exposed to in our daily lives. We will focus on becoming elite in what we are passionate about as this helps us lead those around us and overcome the fear. Whether it is sports, the work place, family life and beyond in order to become an effective leader we must walk the talk.


Leadership Lessons I Learned From My Rescue Dog – Mary Hatlen - SESSION FILLED

Inspiration can come from all walks of life when one least expects it, including the 4-legged kind.  Join this interactive presentation on the importance of keeping your eyes wide open to amazing opportunities that come in the most unexpected ways.   Learn valuable leadership lessons inspired by a rescue dog that can be put into action in all aspects of your life. 


FEAR=False Expectations About Reality Panel - SESSION FILLED

Panelists include:  Ashley Black, Anna Budelman, Abbey Chisnell, and Demond Mettlach, with facilitation by Jennifer Farvour

Come listen to 4 of your peers share how they stood up--faced their fears and are standing out!  It is normal for leaders to have fears.  Often being vulnerable and sharing our personal stories help to see strategies to overcome what we may be facing.  We will discuss how to change our perception of that fear, so that we all can shine with greatness.


Intentional Connection – Dr. Jeneise Briggs

Join Dr. Briggs for an interactive breakout session to learn about finding you niche at Marian through a solid foundation of intentional connection. This session will provide students with practical skills and tips to propel your connection game to another level.


Leading with a Quality Mindset – Garry Moise

This breakout session is designed to benefit students who serve or aspire to serve in leadership capacities in various organizational settings. The fundamental concepts of this presentation are primarily drawn from multiples leadership and quality management philosophies. Participants will foster their leadership skills through various insights, principles, tools, techniques, and personal experiences that will prepare them to achieve long-lasting quality impact in the world.