11:00-12:00 One-on-One with Professor Joe Martin
Get up close and personal with Professor Martin as he provides tips, advice, and proven strategies to address even your toughest challenges as a student and as a student leader.  No questions are off limits as he tackles your biggest concerns with brutal honesty and total transparency.  This session is unscripted, un-cut, and un-edited, so get ready to go deep. 
Session Full - 11:00-12:00 Success Guaranteed:  Hope, Engagement and Well-Being - Sr. Deb Golias
Three “keys” can unlock your journey to a happy and successful present and future.  You already have those “keys” which will unlock for you the power of Hope, the energy of Engagement and the happiness of Well-Being.  Join us to continue exploring this journey.
Session Full - 11:00-12:00 Calm Your Mind & Awaken Your Body Through Yoga/Breath Practice – Cheryl Passel
Yoga is an extremely potent agent of transformation, and not simply a form of exercise. The first part of this class will emphasize the poses (asanas) combined with proper breathing (pranayama), inner awareness and alignment.  The second half of the class will focus on slow stretches and a short meditation with the intention of promoting relaxation.
Session Full - 11:00-12:00 Achieving Team: Moving Your Group Into Something More – Mary Klein, Pennie Reis
Does it sometimes seem like your group members are not all on the same page or possibly in the same book? This activity based session will provide the tools your group needs to help create a team that focuses on clear communication and values. After the session you will have all the tools to do the same activity with your group and get the conversation going!
11:00-12:00 Making Mission Trips Matter – Katie Boehm
Does the leader make the trip or does the trip make the leader? Come explore the leadership phenomenon that occurs within mission trips as we look at how and why more leaders come back from mission trips than leave for them. Ever wonder what a mission trip is, how people can help, or why mission trips are essentially Leadership 101? This session is for you! 
11:00-12:00 QPR Gatekeeper Training Session - – Dee Harmsen, Ellen Mercer
Did you know that one in 12 college students makes a suicide plan?  Or that suicide now kills more people every year than car crashes?  Or that every 17 minutes, at least six Americans lose a loved one to suicide?   Most of us have been touched in some way by suicide or a suicide attempt. You have the opportunity to make a difference, to provide hope, and help save a life.  QPR(Question, Persuade & Refer) is a suicide prevention and awareness program in which you will learn to 1) recognize someone at risk for suicide, 2) Demonstrate increased knowledge of intervention skills, and 3) Describe knowledge of referral resources and how to refer someone to help.  Gatekeeper’s Certificate upon completion of this hour-long program.
Session Full - 1:00-2:00 Project Hope – Jennifer Krueger
Come learn about an opportunity to build hope and community for Marian University.  Students will learn about Hope, its message, and the “Hope Cycle.”  Through Social Media, let’s increase the Hope Contagion at Marian by exploring and finding “Hope in Action.”   
Session Full - 1:00-2:00 Positive Communication - Know Yourself, Know Your Audience – Andy Miller
Even though we might all be speaking english, that doesn't mean we are speaking the same language.  Positive, effective communication is the key to any succesful relationship, whether personal or professional.  Join Andy, and learn to identify and overcome potential barriers in communication that result from semantic, cultural, and perceptual differences. 
1:00-2:00 Lead Yourself, Lead Others to Make College More Affordable – Sam Boyle, Matthew Follen, Bethany Fredrick (via Skype), Sarah Razner
Feeling helpless about your rising student loan debt?  You’re not alone.  In 2012, 68 % of new college graduates in Wisconsin owed money, plus the average amount of the loan debt was $28,102.  Learn from Communication students who studied and advocated for this issue in Fall 2013 how you can start to manage your student loan debt today and how to work with others to encourage state and federal legislators to address this growing problem.
1:00-2:00 Let Your Mission Speak – Kate Candee
An opportunity to learn about the person you are, and are becoming.  Your mission speaks…
Session Full - 1:00–2:00 Life, Liberty, Leadership, and the Pursuit of Career Using LinkedIn – Scott Dell
Why would I need to Link to anybody using LinkedIn to enhance my career, after all, I have Facebook and my friends will make sure to keep me informed about any and all opportunities…or will they?  Join us to gain insight and experience into this powerful PROFESSIONAL social media tool that will give YOU an edge when looking for jobs, internships or just helping to build your network, short or long term.  Invest in YOUR future and learn about what LinkedIn can do for YOU.

1:00-2:00  Living Leadership after Graduation – Taylor Putz ‘13 (via Skype)
Explore the process of leading out of one’s value system from the post-graduation point of view.  Taylor was an active leader at Marian University while he was a student.  He continues to work for social change and will share his insights and experiences in this workshop.