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My Marian

This is your portal where you can check announcements, navigate to SabreNet and MO2, find information about student and academic services, and other information.  Click the MyMarian link above for more information.

Policies and Expectations Overview

Find out what is expected when you interact with your professors, use email, and complete other tasks as a student at Marian.


SabreNet is where you can register for and drop classes, view your grades, pay your bill, request transcripts, and do other administrative tasks.  Click the SabreNet link above for more information.


This is where your online course materials live.  Go here to complete assignments, participate in discussions, find course resources, and other class work.  Click the MO2 link above for more information.

Office 365

Every student at Marian has an Office 365 account where you can read email, use online apps or download the newest version of Microsoft Office to your computer!  Click the link above to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch fellow students and advisors answer some of our most frequently asked questions below.