Free Online Resources for your MO2 Course
Open Education Resources (OERs), Including Open Textbook Resources

Did you know?   Research has shown that 60-80% of students have decided to not purchase a required class textbook because it costs too much (Everard & Pierre, 2014; Hilton, 2016; Prasad & Usagawa, 2014; Yang, 2015) 

Did you know?  There are lots of high quality open source textbook and class resources available for you and your students.  Students and faculty have generally found these open, free, resources to be as good or better than costly textbooks and also appreciate the lower cost (Feldstein, Martin, Hudson, Warren, Hilton, & Wiley, 2012; Lindshield, & Adhikari, 2013; Lovett, Meyer, & Thille, 2008; Yang, 2015). 

We have compiled a list of resources for you to look at to potentially find materials for your courses.   Take a look and help your students save their resources today! 

Check out to find a discipline specific textbook that is free for students.

Look at OpenStax at to find a textbook that works for your course or part of your course.

Visit OER Commons to find open source textbook materials.

Visit the Washington Open Course Library  to find free course materials, including assessments, syllabi, etc.

Visit the UM Open Textbook Library for free textbooks for courses.

Search the Saylor Academy  for open course resources.

Free Video Editing Software
Microsoft Movie Maker - Still one of the best free video editors out there
Lightworks - This one is a little more challenging to learn, best for intermediate to advanced users.  It does have a lot of neat tools and some tutorials to help  though
Free Video Captioning Software
Microsoft Movie Maker can also help you caption your videos
Subtitle-horse - a free online application for adding captions to FLV videos and exporting video into different formats.
Subtitle Workshop – a free subtitling software. Be cautious when downloading as there are ads on the page.
World Caption – made to work specifically with Quick Time movies on a mac
Free Image Editing Software
GIMP – Very good free image editing software.  Just download and install using the .exe file and you are good to go .  You can also refer to their user manual if you have any problems.
Photo Gallery on your computer.  It works well for simple photo editing.
Paint on your computer.  It works well for certain image types and is already on your computer.
Free File Conversion Software
Video Conversion - To convert one video file format to another
HandBreak – a free video converter for Windows and Mac
Audio Conversion – To convert one audio file format to another
Audacity  – Works with Windows and Mac machines.  It is free and works to record and edit sound files.
Document Conversion – convert one type of file (e.g. a Word document or PDF) to another type of document
DocMorph – This free program is really easy to use.  It requires registration to use.
Zamzar - this is actually a file converter service, not a program, you just upload your file, choose the desired format, and wait for Zamzar to send you a link with your converted file via email.  File conversion is free up to 100 MB
Free Moodle Information
You can find all kinds of help for your Moodle course here
Moodle Frequently Asked Questions
Free Teaching Online Information
Best practices for teaching online from Brown University
The Power of Social Presence for Learning from Educause
Eight Lessons Learned from Teaching Online from Educause
Copyright Law Information
Quick and Easy to Understand Copyright Brochure from
What is Creative Commons?
ADA Law and Disability Services Information
Marian University’s Disability Services Office and Contact Information
Guidelines for ADA Compliant Online Content 

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