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Tuition Deferment


‚ÄčEmployer Reimbursement/Tuition Deferment

*Effective starting Fall 2022*

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Employer Reimbursement/Tuition Deferment?

Many companies have programs which will pay an employee's cost of continuing their education.  Some programs will pay for all educational costs (tuition, fees, textbooks, etc.), while others may have restrictions based on final grades or type of courses in relation to job requirements. 

Tuition Deferment is a payment option that allows you to defer all, or a portion of, your balance due to the University for a given semester when you are employed by a company that offers Employee Reimbursement of tuition costs.

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How do I find out if I am eligible?

You will want to check with your employer's Human Resource department for information regarding eligibility and participation.  Most companies have established policies regarding application and approval for tuition reimbursement.


How can I participate at Marian?

Students who are eligible through their employer must complete and submit the two page Tuition Deferment Form.  There is a student section and an employer section.  The employer section must be completed by an authorized individual within your employer's administration.

The completed copy of the Deferment Form must be submitted to the Marian University Office of Business & Finance along with a copy of your employer's Tuition Reimbursement Policy.  This must be done prior to the start of each semester in which you plan to use Tuition Deferment.


Is there a cost to participate?

A $40 non-refundable Tuition Deferment Fee will be charged to your student account each semester in which you submit application and are approved for participation in the Tuition Deferment program.  This $40 fee will allow you to defer any, or all, sessions within that semester for 30 days after the last day of each class.


Are there restrictions?

You must pay any portion of your tuition that is not reimbursable through your Employer Reimbursement plan up front, with submission of your deferment form.  For example: If your employer will only pay 75% regardless of the grade received, the student must pay their 25% portion prior to the first day of class.  Failure to pay a required student portion by first day of class will result in cancellation of your tuition deferment plan for those unpaid courses.

If your employer pays at 100%, or at least gives you the ability to earn 100% payment with the grade of an A, you will not be required to pay any amount up front. 

If employer payment is dependent upon the grade achieved, and results in a payment of less than 100%, the student must still submit payment in full within the 30 days from last day of class (to include any portion not covered by the employer).


If I submitted an approval form previously, must I complete another one for the current semester?

Yes.  An updated Tuition Deferment form is to be completed and submitted each semester in which you wish to participate.  This re-verification is to ensure that you are still eligible and that your employer's policy has not changed.


What happens if I also receive financial aid?

Student who have submitted the required documents to be approved for Tuition Deferment, who also submit a FAFSA for additional financial aid, will have any financial aid (i.e. Pell, Federal Direct Student loans, WI Grant, etc.) that is disbursed to their student account be applied to the outstanding student account balance.  Meaning, no refund will be issued unless a credit remains after all charges have been paid in full, regardless of Deferment status.  Should a credit balance exist after the employer payment is applied, a refund will be issued as applicable.


Once the semester ends, how long do I have to pay Marian University?

Students who have submitted the required documents and have been approved for Tuition Deferment, will have 30 days from the last day of class to submit payment in full.  Payment in full is due within 30 days from the last day of class regardless of whether or not you have received payment from your employer within that time. (Please note: You may lose eligibility to participate in the Tuition Deferment program in the future if you fail to pay in full within the designated 30 day window.)