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Outlook 2011 Post Migration Process

Outlook 2011 Post Migration Process (Mac)
During the initial move process, Outlook 2011 will stay connected to email. Once the move completes, you will receive a message like this one:
This message will state either that the mailbox database is temporarily unavailable or that a mailbox move is in progress. Once the messages are received, close and re-open Outlook. Since this message is received when the move enters a completing phase, your mailbox may not become available again for about 5 to 10 minutes.
Upon re-open of Outlook 2011, you will see a notice from Outlook asking permission to allow autodiscover to re-configure the client. Select the Always use my responses for this server check box and click Allow.
 Once this is complete, Outlook will need to be closed and re-opened again. On the second restart, you should be connected once again. This can be verified by checking in the bottom right hand corner: