Portal Guard

Portal Guard allows you to change, update, or unlock your password to all of your Marian accounts at any time. This service is available 24 hours per day.

Since you’re new to Portal Guard, you will need to begin by enrolling your Marian Account information.

   1.    Login to MyMarian at https://my.marianuniversity.edu
   2.    Click the “Forgot Password” link.


   3.    Enter your Marian username, do not use @marianuniversity.edu
   4.    Enter your initial password
   5.    Click Login


   6.    Verify your username and password have been entered correctly
          After completing the enrollment process, you’ll be given the opportunity to change your password. Click Show Password box to confirm accurate entry.


   7.    You will be prompted to choose 5 out of 10 questions and enter your personal answers. All answers must be a minimum of 4 characters. You may want to write down            your answers for future reference.
   8.    Click Continue after you’ve answered 5 questions.


   9.    When the screen below appears, you know you have successfully enrolled in Portal Guard.
   10.  Click “Click here to try to continue logging in”


   11.   Enter an alternate email (do not enter your Marian email) to assist with unlocking your account in the future. Complete the required information and click Continue.


   12.   You will then receive an email with a one-time password. Enter the series of numbers then click Continue.


   13.   A box will appear to tell you the action was successful.
   14.   Please download the Google Authenticator app     and select your phone type. The options are iPhone, Android and Blackberry.  Click Continue.


   15.   Open the Google Authenticator app and select “Scan barcode”. Point your camera at the barcode to scan it. A code will be given, enter it in the One-Time Password field             on portal guard.


   16.  (Password requirements are in the picture below. It also cannot be any part of your name.)


   17.  Write down your password somewhere safe and confidential. Remember: your password is case sensitive so write it down EXACTLY as you have typed it. When                             you reach the following screen, you have completed the Portal Guard enrollment process.