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Help! The PC won't turn on!

  1. If the PC doesn’t turn on after a recent storm or power outage, please notify the HelpDesk because the PC will have to be serviced by the IT Department. In most cases, the issue is caused by a blown power supply.
  2. Check to make sure the monitor is on.
  3. Check the Power Cords and Power Strip
    • Check the power cord and make sure that it is securely plugged into the back of the computer as well to the outlet.
    • If it is connected to a power strip, make sure the power strip is plugged in and the switch is flipped to “ON”.
    • Try plugging the power cord into a different outlet in room to see if it is a problem with the computer or if the problem exists with the outlets.
    • Check other equipment in the room and see if it works when plugged into the same outlets or power strip. If the outlets seem to be the issue, Maintenance must be contacted to fix the problem. If the computer seems to still be the problem, let the caller know that a member of the IT Department will take care of the issue during the next business day when the room is vacant. If it is a faculty or staff computer, a member of the IT Department will address the issue as soon as they are available.
  4. If it is a laptop that doesn’t turn on, check the following:
    • If there is a docking station, check to make sure that the docking station is receiving power. Check the cord to make sure it is securely connected to the docking station and that it is securely plugged into an outlet.
    • Check to see that the battery has charge. If the laptop was not docked correctly, the laptop would work until the battery is drained of all power. Once the battery is dead, the laptop will only work if docked correctly to the docking station or the correct A/C adapter.
    • If the laptop still will not turn on after checking the power cords and the battery, let the caller know that a member of the IT Department will have top service the laptop when available.