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Help! Projector is on, but not displaying anything!

  1. Make sure that the projector is not in sleep or stand-by mode. If it is on, push the power button the projector remote control to “wake-up” the projector (if in the Stayer Center, un-mute the projector from the button on the touch panel or select a video selection).
  2. If the projector is not in stand-by mode, check to make sure that everything is connected correctly and that you have the correct video selection made. If you are using a computer already in the room, then you must choose “Comp 1” on the remote control (if in the Stayer Center, select Computer 1 for built in and Computer 2 for laptop in most rooms). If you brought in a laptop, make sure that you connected all of the cables correctly and that you are on the correct settings (you might have to use a combination of the Function keys and the numbered “F” keys to toggle to the correct screen to display).
  3. If everything seems to be connected correctly and still nothing displays, there may be a problem with the bulb in the projector and as a result would need to be replaced. Notify the HelpDesk and someone will check the projector during the next business day when the room is vacant.

Help! The color on the screen has a blue/purple tint!

  1. If this occurs, it usually means that there is a loose connection between the A/V cables and the projector or the computer. Check the cables in the back of the computer to make sure that they are securely connected. Sometimes just moving the cables around and allowing more give to the cables will loosen the cables and help them work better.
  2. If working with the cables behind the computer does not help, then there is probably a problem with the connection to the projector. If it is a ceiling mounted projector, notify the HelpDesk; the IT Department will have to work on the projector when the room is vacant. If it is not a ceiling mounted projector, check the connections on the projector to see if they are secure. If they are and the tint is still present, notify the HelpDesk; the IT Department will take care of the issues during the next business day and when the room is vacant.

Help! Everything on the screen is fuzzy or out-of-focus!

  1. If the images displayed on the screen seem out-of-focus or fuzzy, use the remote control to adjust the focus. Some remote controls may give the option to press auto focus and the projector should automatically refocus the images. If there is no auto focus, you will have to manually focus the projectors using the zoom buttons on the remote control. If neither option works or if the projector is a ceiling mounted projector, notify the HelpDesk and a member of the IT Department will take care of the issue during the next business day when the room is vacant.

Help! Projector displays the message to replace the bulb or that the bulb is burnt out!

  1. If either of the messages is displayed, contact the Helpdesk; the IT Department will have to change the bulb when the room is vacant. If a projector is needed, the Library can be contacted and will provide a projector if one is available.

Help! There's no sound!

  1. If using the computer located in a classroom and you are unable to get sound, please check the following:
    • Check to see if the sound is un-muted on the computer and that the computer sound is turned up.
    • Check the speakers, if available, and make sure they are turned on and turned up.
    • If using the remote control for the projector, check to see if the volume has been turned down and turn it up if it has been.
  2. If the sound still does not work after following the previous three steps, check to see if the speakers are connected to the computer correctly and securely. On the new DELL computers in the rooms, there should be two cords connected to the speaker bar and they should be plugged in. One is plugged in directly on the monitor and the other should be plugged into the speaker jack on the back of the computer. If in the Stayer Center rooms T212, T213, T217, or T218, the sound for the computer is connected directly to the system built into each room. There should be a cord running from the speaker jack on the back of the computer to the jack on the wall.
  3. Check the volume level on the touch pad and increase it if necessary.
  4. In some instances, depending on the room and the projector, the sound may be available, but very faint. The usually happens in the rooms that have older projectors that may not have been equipped to provide better, clearer sound.
If you are still having trouble please e-mail the helpdesk at or phone 920-923-8947.