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​Develop the Proposal

All grant-related communications should be addressed to Mary Polchert, Ph.D., Director of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.  Email:  Please use this email only.  Sending grant-related information to other offices and email addresses will delay processing of your grant and access to funds.

When grants are submitted or awarded through Marian University as a 501(c), Marian University is fiscally responsible.  Marian provides the oversight for completion of grant activities and the proper use of grant funds.  The Principal Investigator (PI), subaward (co-PI) or subcontract recipient, or campus program is NOT the grantee.  Personal submission of grants for direct funding is not permitted.

As noted previously reading the RFP is imperative.  Is Marian University eligible to receive funding?  Is the PI qualified and does the PI have sufficient time to write a solid grant?  Can the PI carry out the scope of the grant.  Is there a required match?  These are important factors to consider.  The grant-writing process is laborious and there is no room for error.  The submission of poorly written grants jeapardize future grant awards and reflect poorly on the University.