• Have you read the RFP completely from beginning to end?

  • Do you meet the eligibility requirements as PI?

  • Do you have pilot research or preliminary data?

  • Do you have ongoing collaborations with recognized agencies and/or colleagues?

  • Have you a track record of presentations and/or publications in the field?

  • Is Marian University eligible to serve as the grantee institution?

  • Do you have enough time to write a grant?

  • Can you carry out the scope of the grant if the grant is awarded?

  • Can you clearly describe the broader impacts of your proposed project and how you, your students, Marian University and society as a whole will benefit from carrying out the scope of your grant?


If you have answered "YES" to the majority of these questions then proceed to the next step.  If not, consider addressing any potential obstacles in writing, receiving and implementing your proposal.