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Grant Quick Guide

Below is an overview of grant policies at Marian University.  You may also find this page available for print out in "Documents"

Please use the following guidelines for all academic grants and disseminate this information within your school and/or program. 

  • All grant-related communications should be addressed to  Please use this email only.  Sending grant-related information to other offices and email addresses will delay processing of your grant and access to funds.

  • When grants are submitted or awarded through Marian University as a 501(c), Marian University is fiscally responsible.  Marian provides the oversight for completion of grant activities and the proper use of grant funds.  The Principal Investigator (PI), subaward (co-PI) or subcontract recipient, or campus program is NOT the grantee.  Personal submission of grants for direct funding is not permitted.

  • STARTING the process: 
    • Please use the information provided in the Research and Sponsored Programs website found under Offices on the Marian University homepage.
    • PIs and co-PIs should discuss and receive approval to submit grant requests from Program Chairs, Deans, and/or Provost prior to further processes.
    • All grant initiatives including subawards and subcontracts require the completion and submission of a Grant Initiation Form to the ORSP.  This can be found in the Documents section of the ORSP website and through links in the content of the website. 
    • The form will be routed for review by the Business Office and Provost
    • A Consent to Proceed will be returned to the PI within 5 business days with or without approval to write and submit the grant.  Submission of a Grant Initiation form is not a guarantee that a "green light" will follow.  Matching funds and the qualifications of the PI and feasibility of the project are major factors in the Consent to Proceed review.
    • PIs should carefully read the guidelines for writing and submitting the grant before completing the Grant Initiation Form to make sure that Marian is eligible and that the PI can carry out the scope of the grant.

  • WRITING the grant
    • The ORSP will provide the PI with a Timeline to Complete the Grant writing process and submission.  It is up to the PI to follow this guideline, as well as the guidelines in the Request for Proposals (RFP).  This includes completions and formatting of all grant forms and obtaining signatures and all documents.
    • There are no 11th hour submissions or guarantees on the part of Marian University to correct errors in grant preparation by the PI. 
    • A grant-specific folder will be created by the ORSP in One Drive and shared with approval authorities and with the PI.  All grant-related documents must be placed in this folder.  Failure to do so will delay other processes including award distributions.
    • The ORSP website has institutional information and data often used in grants; PIs should look for these in this website
    • The ORSP will assist in the review of a narrative and in the preparation of a budget but will not write the grant.
    • The Business Office must review and approve the final budget at least 5 business days prior to submission of the grant
    • Grants will be submitted immediately after final review by the Business Office and no later than 3 business days before the due date and time during regular business hours.
    • All collaborations, subcontracts and subawards require verified letters of collaboration or the grant will not be submitted
    • The ORSP Director is the Signing Officer (SO) or Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) for all academic grants

  • AWARDED Grants
    • Different grants award notifications are sent to different people/offices depending upon the agency.  If the ORSP is notified the PI will be notified immediately afterward.  When the PI is notified directly PIs are requested to send a copy of the award letter to the ORSP.
    • The ORSP will send a packet of Post-award information to the PI for grant completion
    • A meeting with the ORSP and Business Office will be arranged to discuss compliance, ethics, and budget management. 
    • PIs are requested to write a 1-2 paragraph of the nature of the grant award for announcement on the Marian University homepage and, where appropriate, for dissemination in the community.  Please send this information to the ORSP ASAP.
    • Awarded grants are completed as per the scope of the grant.  This means that any modification to the research design or use of funding MUST receive approval from the Program Officer or granting agency.  PIs, Program Chairs, Deans and others overseeing projects may not change the scope of the grants or how monies are used.  The ORSP has no authority to give approval for reallocation of funds or activities.
    • Purchase orders for items over $50 must be approved and co-signed by the Provost or Controller as directed in the Post-award packet

    • Final reports and evaluations must be filed with the ORSP for grant closeout.  If no cost extensions are needed PI should contact the Program Officer of the granting agency and provide validations to the ORSP and Business Office.

    • If you do not know how to proceed ask before you do.  There are many offices on campus that are impacted by grant-funded activities.  The ORSP is designed to make grant management smooth and in accordance with the mission of the University and the grantor.