​Proposal Submission Guidelines and Deadlines

The ORSP's deadline for final review, upload of documents and submission of the proposal is five (5) full active business days in advance of the sponsor's deadline date and time. If this time period falls out on a University-wide recess the 5 days must be before the recess.  The ORSP reviews and submits all proposals seeking external funding. It is the responsibility of the PI to gather all supporting documents and to provide the ORSP with the grant for upload in its entirety on a USB, CD or if possible, by email attachment to the ORSP email box.  Do not submit documents piecemeal. 

Why are these deadlines stringent?

Optimizing Warning Checks

When submitting federal grants into FastLane the system encompasses gateways that marks certain issues with warnings. Even if the items are not errors, it could prevent the proposal from being validated. With the proper time allowed, it is possible to give you the option and time to review and correct any deficiencies or errors that the system marks as warnings. ORSP will then resubmit the proposal. This level of service is only available for proposals that arrive at ORSP with the full, five-day lead time.

What if the PI's team is submitting the proposal to the Sponsor?

The same deadlines apply regardless of whether ORSP or the PI's team will submit the proposal to the sponsor.

What if the sponsor deadline is 5pm but they are on the West coast?

ORSP submission closes at 5 P.M. Therefore proposals must be received by ORSP in time to submit the proposal by 5 p.m. of the due date even when the sponsor deadline is in a different time zone or is later than 5 p.m. Sponsors often consider the local applicant institution time as the deadline, even if they are in a different time zone.  If the time zone is on the East coast the PI has 1 less hour.

When multiple grants are in the ORSP docket for submission is there a "pecking order"?

Order of Launch for electronic submissions: ORSP staff will review and launch the proposals in the order they are received. Once ORSP has processed and launched all proposals that arrived at ORSP within the specified deadline, proposals that arrive later will be handled to the best of the staff's ability. Note that problems beyond ORSP control, such as corrupted files or Internet interruptions, may result in proposals not being launched in a timely fashion. The ORSP will do everything possible to get the proposal to the sponsor on time. However, as the deadline approaches, the chances for situations beyond the control of the ORSP increases. Certain parts of the review process are subject to schedules and approvals of other offices. When there is sufficient lead time, ORSP staff can compensate for these problems. Therefore, faculty should make every effort to provide the maximum time possible for ORSP to process and adequately review their proposals.

Tips for Success

Be available and make an appointment with the ORSP for submission of your proposal
It is critically important that once you submit your proposal to ORSP that you or your staff are readily available to respond to questions and to make any necessary proposal fixes required for ORSP to submit the proposal.

Understand how multiple proposals are prioritized
In fairness to PIs and project teams who meet the deadline, even when the volume is large, proposals received on time will be fully processed, including necessary resubmissions, before those proposals that arrive at ORSP late. This is in fairness to those investigators who meet the published deadline. ORSP will, of course, do all it can to submit your proposal on time, but we wanted to make you aware of the way that proposals are prioritized and the associated risk of not meeting ORSP's deadlines.

Manage risk
No eleventh hour proposals will be made.  Abide by deadlines.