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‚ÄčPost-award Guidelines for Principal Investigators (PI) and Program Directors

Congratulations on the receipt of your award.  Please use the following guidelines to complete the scope of your grant and manage your budget.

  • Provide the ORSP with a copy of your award letter and the final budget
    • Different award notifications are sent to different people/offices depending upon the agency.  If the ORSP is notified the PI will be notified immediately afterward.  When the PI is notified directly PIs are requested to send a copy of the award letter to the ORSP.
    • For grants of $5,000 or more a meeting with the ORSP and Business Office will be arranged to discuss compliance, ethics, and budget management.  For smaller grants of short duration communication via email or telephone may suffice.
    • PIs are requested to write a 1-2 paragraph of the nature of the grant award for announcement on the Marian University homepage and, where appropriate, for dissemination in the community.  Please send this information to the ORSP as soon as possible.
  • All PIs will read and sign an Ethics in Research form 

Awarded grants and subawards are completed as per the scope of the grant.  This means that any modification to the research design or use of funding MUST receive approval from the Program Officer or granting agency.  PIs, Program Chairs, Deans and others overseeing projects may not change the scope of the grants or how monies are used.  Marian University has no authority to give approval for reallocation of funds or activities.