SUBMISSIONS THROUGH GRANTS.GOV is the portal for federally funded grants via agencies like NIH, NSF, Department of Education and others.  The portals for submission have recently changed.  A member of connected agencies coordinate grant submission efforts for institutional applicants.  These include the System for Award Management and Workspace through   Every PI, Leads, or member of the grant team who is responsible for the content of a required form must register as an "Institutional Applicant"‚Äč through  Once registration is completed the ORSP will be notified and be able to assign a role to the individual.  The function of the ORSP is to manage the grant submission as an AOR (Authorized Organization Representative); not to write the grant.  

Registrants will be added by the ORSP to Workspace and allowed access to forms.  PIs and other properly registered grant team members are responsible for completing narrative, abstract, budget, budget justification and any form that requires information specific to the Workspace assigned RFP.  Some institutional forms will be completed by the ORSP and PIs will be informed which forms comes under ORSP governance.  The majority of forms must be completed by the PI.

The grant-writing team must then perform error checks.  Once all forms pass then the ORSP will be ready to submit the grant.  When in doubt regarding how to answer a specific question contact the ORSP or call the helpline through  Some questions are not applicable to specific RFPs.  You may enter "NA" for the required answer.  For some grants IDC do not apply. These grants are restricted.  Be sure to read the RFP carefully in order to complete forms correctly.


Grants submitted through must pass error checks at several checkpoints before assignment of a TRACKING NUMBER.  Failure to complete forms correctly or formatting errors can thwart transmission of grants.  The ORSP will inform PIs of the status of the submitted grant.  PIs must be "on call" during this time period to troubleshoot any potential problems.  The ORSP assumes no responsibility for failures in hte submission process due to errors in the various forms or due to time constraints.