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BIT Reporting Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I know a student who may need to be referred to the Behavioral Intervention Team?

  • If you feel there is an immediate threat, call 911 and then call Campus Safety & Security 920-923-8950.

  • You are the Behavioral Intervention Team's best resource because you are familiar with the student and his/her behaviors.  Whenever possible, if you are comfortable doing so, tell the student that you are concerned and ask if he/she is OK. In many cases students will indicate that he/she could use help and can be referred to Counseling Services in addition to submitting the BIT form.

Who can make a BIT referral?

Anyone--students, staff, faculty, friends, family, or community members--who feels a student is a potential threat to themselves or the community--can make a BIT referral.

What happens after I make the referral?

The BIT team members review the information from the referral and make a decision about how to proceed. However, reporting is the most critical step. The BIT will use professional discretion regarding information shared when working with the student.

How can I refer a student to BIT?

To refer a student to BIT, you can contact any BIT representative with the name of the student and a brief narrative of the behavior or complete the attached referral form. If you are concerned about a student, but have not witnessed any distressing or disruptive behavior, please explain your concern in detail.

What happens to the student in the BIT process?

Based on the details provided by the BIT referral form, the team will assess and determine which campus or community resource(s) or service(s) will be offered. The student will then be contacted and the behaviors of concern will be investigated by staff appropriate to the situation. The process is to help the student understand his/her behavior of concern and its effect on the environment and their success. Actions that might be initiated by the Behavioral Intervention Team include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • No action recommended at this time, pending further observation

  • Warning of conduct concerns with cease and desist notification and offer of on-campus support services

  • Assist faculty or staff in developing a plan of action

  • Referral to existing on-campus support resources (e.g., Office of Student Life, Counseling Services, Campus Safety Services, Disability Services)

  • Referral to appropriate community resources

  • Mandatory meeting with university administrator

  • Recommendation of an interim suspension

  • Chair may discuss situations with faculty members

Depending on the circumstances, students who fail to comply with the dispositions of the BIT may be referred to the Office of Student Life for disciplinary action.

How do I know if it is a BIT issue or if it is more appropriately handled by other campus resources?

You do not have to make this determination as the BIT is trained to do so. The most critical step is that you make the referral.  If another campus resource or procedure is more appropriate, the BIT will refer the student to that resource and inform you of that action. It is important to remember that the university has a set of policies, procedures, and processes to address a spectrum of student behavior and student concerns.

Note: The BIT is obligated to take appropriate action based on the nature of what is being reported. The BIT may contact the one who filed the referral for further information or details.

NEVER promise confidentiality when discussing or reporting a behavior or concern.

Emergencies and Threats

  • For all life threatening emergencies, call 911.

  • Developing or potential emergency:  call 911 then call Campus Safety & Security at 920-923-8950 (24 hour service).

      • Crisis Response

      • Potentially threatening situations

  • Call campus Counseling Services (M-F 8:00 am – 4:30 pm) – 920-923-8112.

      • Immediate assistance in addressing urgent concerns (distressed or disturbed students)

      • For important but NON-URGENT concerns, please call to schedule a counseling or consultation appointment.



Marian Contacts                                                  

Open from 6 AM - 12 PM (Midnight)                                          

One Stop………….......….920.923.8555                          

24 hours - 365 days                                                 

Campus Safety…..…......920.923.8950                          


Normal Business Hours 8am-4:30pm                            

Campus Ministry…..…...920.923.7624

Campus Services……...…920.923.8787                          

Counseling Center……...920.923.8799                          

Health Services……..……920.923.7615

Student Life…………...….920.923.7666


Outside Agencies

Suicide Prevention…………...1.800.273.8255
Fond du Lac Crisis……….....…...920.929.3535
 (For Sexual Abuse & Assault)                            
Pregnancy Helpline……..…...1.888.672.2296
Relationship Violence…….…..920.923.1700