Notices & Emergency Communications:
Tornadoes & Severe Weather Preparedness...
If you were not on campus for the statewide tornado drill on April 24th - please take time to locate the shelter location for your building. Also check out other buildings that you spend time in during the day. If there was a power failure at the same time could you still find your location? Learn more... 

 Tornado Sign 

Shelter Locations   

 Campus Safety​ & Security  

Emergency: Dial 911  
Campus Safety & Security (24/7) 920.923.8950
Marian University One Stop (24/7)920.923.8555


Active ShooterKeys in a door

Active Shooter

Angry Man


Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat


To learn more about Fire Prevention & Life Safety Click Here​





 *Printed versions of documents on this page available upon request. Please contact 920-923-8950

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