To provide emergency/disaster classification, direction and control procedures for Marian University officials and crisis response personnel during periods of emergency/crisis.
Concept of Operations
Incident Command Team has responsibility for the response to the emergency.
The crisis management team will be assembled should the President, (or designee) determine the situation is an emergency or a crisis. The recommended team will consist of the following individuals:
_ Coordinator of Campus Safety & Security (immediate decision maker)
_ Executive Assistant to the President (immediate decision maker)
_ Director of Campus Services (Facilities) (immediate decision maker)
_ Director of Student Services (immediate decision maker)
_ Director of University Relations (immediate decision maker)
_ Dean of Student Engagement
_ Director of Auxiliary Support Services
_ Director of Campus Ministry
_ Director of Counseling
_ Director of Health Services
_ Director of Human Resources
_ Director of Information Technology
_ Faculty Senate Chair
_ Vice President of Academics Affairs
The duties of the Incident Command Team are to:
• Coordinate the response and early recovery activities.
• Supervise the activities of the various sections.
• Interpret operational policy.
• Ensure all activities are coordinated.
• Maintain communication with all concerned.
The following management process for crisis situations will be followed:
1. The President must be informed immediately when the incident is reported.
2. The Executive Assistant to the President will inform the Director of Student Services to contact members of the crisis management team and set up a meeting. Team members must be ready to respond quickly. Upon meeting must determine an Incident Command location.
3. Team meeting. Review all known information provided by the appropriate team members with direct information. If all members of the team cannot meet a teleconference call will be initiated, or a substitute will attend the meeting.
4. The team will decide on a course of action, proper response, public statement, and appropriate activities.
5. Investigation. A single office will be designated to investigate the issue, and all staff members will work through that office. (Note: The office designated to investigate the issue will maintain documents that describe the actions taken.)
6. Media contact. All media contact and external inquiries will be handled by the Office of Marketing and Communication x8115. Refer all inquiries to that office.
7. Communication. As events develop or change, the team will communicate clearly before further action or further statements are issued.
The Disaster Recovery Plan Council will continue with the following members:
_ President                                                   _ Director of University Relations
_ Coordinator Campus Safety & Security    _ Interim Vice President of Academics
_ Executive Assistant to the President         _ VP for Advancement
_ Dean of Student Engagement                  _ VP for Business and Finance
_ Director of Campus Services (Facilities)   _ VP Enrollment Services
_ Director of Student Services                    _ VP for Student Engagement
_ Director of Athletics                               _ Director of Information Technology
_ Director of Auxiliary Support Services   _ Director of Residence Life
_ Director of Campus Ministry                  _ Environmental Health & Safety
_ Director of Counseling                           _ Director Financial Aid
_ Director of Health Services                    _ Director Faculty Senate Chair
_ Director of Human Resources               _ Director Food Service
The Council will assemble following each crisis to evaluate how the situation was handled and make recommendations to better handle similar situations in the future.
The Crisis Committee will assemble at least once per year to review the overall campus plan, individual department plans, and to evaluate trainings and emergency notification literature. 


 Rev 7. 2014