Marian Student Education Association

All education majors are encouraged to join MSEA. Affiliated with national, state, and local education associations, MSEA provides interaction with educational programs and provides many opportunities to work with children and come to understand the education system. The goals of MSEA are: (1) to influence the conditions under which prospective teachers are prepared, thus promoting maximum professional competence; (2) to examine the present and future conditions that confront students preparing to teach; (3) to develop an understanding and appreciation for the education profession; (4) to stimulate the highest ideals of professional ethics, standards, attitudes, and training; and (5) to provide a national, state, and local voice in education for students enrolled in educational programs. Professional activities include conferences and workshops, speakers, tutoring opportunities and participation in observing American Education Week.

Description: We are the organization on campus made up of students who are dedicated to helping students to grow, develop, and succeed academically and in their lives. We talk about information going on in schools, hear from various speakers in the school system or with experience, and do fun activities that can be done in the classroom

Student Contact: Marissa Nothem

Meeting Times: Once, every other week for an hour (time TBD)

Major Events/Activities: Teacher/administrator panels, volunteering with Dr. Seuss Day at the Public Library, volunteering with the YMCA/Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Q&A with the Dean.

Who can join? Anyone who loves to help students succeed!

Why join? It provides a great opportunity to get to know others in the same major and others who love to educate, there are many ways to network and get to know people on a more professional level which can help with a future career, and we discuss education topics that are relevant in our lives and that can be used in our future classrooms!

Advisor: Bob Wagner