Student Nurses Association (MUSNA)

The Marian University Student Nurses Association is a local constituent of the Wisconsin Student Nurses Association and the National Student Nurses Association. The goals of MUSNA are: (1) to explore and develop a greater understanding of the nursing profession, (2) to promote personal and professional development of nursing students, and (3) to provide service to others in the Marian and surrounding communities. Activities include monthly meetings with various guest speakers relating to health care professions, community and University service projects, fundraising, and attending student nurse conventions on the state and national levels.

Student Contact:

Katrina Costello

Organization Description:

Marian University’s Student Nurses Association, MUSNA, is an organization of nursing students that get together and discuss different levels of nursing, ways to get involved within the nursing community, and have a guest speakers at nearly every meeting. Our members’ goals include offering support to all nursing students and educating them on the many opportunities that are presented once becoming a nurse. Becoming part of MUSNA will allow you many opportunities to network with health care agencies, nurses working in the field, and other nursing students.

Meeting Times:


Major events and activities?

MUSNA participates in many community service opportunities, the Wisconsin Student Nurses Association annual convention, and Presents for Peds.

Why join?

MUSNA is a great way to collaborate with other nursing students. This organization gives you the opportunity to network, ask questions, and get involved.

Who can join?

Any student that is enrolled or will be enrolled into the nursing program can join MUSNA. Requirements of MUSNA include a $10 annual fee, or $6 a semester, 4 hours of community service each semester, and attending half of the meetings.


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