Pre-Health Professionals Club

The purpose of PHP is to assist pre-health individuals by developing skills and knowledge in their fields of interest. This is done through inviting guest speakers to campus; planning trips to visit schools; providing information on admissions tests, admissions requirements, pre-requisites, personal statements; arranging community service events; MCAT and GRE prep sessions; volunteering and any other activity requested by the members of the club.

Student ContactJenny Jenders

Meeting times:

To be Determined

Major Activities:

  • Chicago trip to visit museums to further our knowledge outside of the classroom.
  • Body world exhibit at the Milwaukee Country Zoo at the beginning of the 2017-2018 fall semester
  • Volunteering at St Francis Home and the Humane Society
  • Hosting Beautification Day
  • Tie Dying and sun catcher events
  • MCAT/GRE Prep Sessions twice a month

Why should people join?

People should join this organization because it is a good way to meet new people and our eboard advocates for student needs. We are also planning more activities to get people involved and to have fun. Our clubs mission is to help our members succeed.

Who can join?

Anyone is welcome to join but we encourage pre health students to join because our focus is to assist in any way with health professional schools.

AdvisorJohn Hammond