Student Social Work Association

The Student Social Work Association was organized to afford students a forum in which they (1) exercise their right to organize and discuss their own interests concerning academic and student life within the social work program, (2) participate in the formulation of policy affecting academic and student life with the program, (3) enhance social justice through promotion of people helping people on campus and in the community and (4) provide mutual support for one another.

Secretary Contact Info:

The SSWA will try to respond to E-Mails within a 24 hour period.

Meeting Times:

Meeting Date: The first Thursday of every month. Time: 12:15pm. Location: TBD

Major events and activities?

SSWA holds a variety of events and fundraisers that help support positive social change. Events range from sponsored speakers by local and national organizations to student body focused community building.

Why join?

SSWA provides many opportunities for students of the Social Work major, which include: helping others, making friends, creating connections, achieving personal growth, and forming knowledge of different aspects of social workers. Our main goal is to help others, whether they are oppressed individuals or of equal or higher standing than ourselves. Making friends with one another in the association and within the major is one of the unintended yet positive outcomes of being involved in the SSWA. Creating connections within the social work major, the university, and the community is a valuable quality and is very encouraging for the students’ future, which goes hand in hand with achieving personal and future career growth. We work with the community and with other students to promote social justice and lend a helping hand, teaching members different aspects of the social work major and how the social work values are implied in the community.

Who can join?

All students are welcome to join SSWA.


Quinn Sullivan. Advisor email: