Frequently Asked Questions

We do recognize you may have some questions before joining or attending formal recruitment. Here are some commonly asked questions:

Will I fit in?

Each organization has its own blend of students on campus. Try attending

Greek sponsored events and informational meetings, or talking to current members to find out for yourself! Formal recruitment is a great time to get to know each of the organizations to determine best fit!


Will joining a Greek organization limit my contact with those not Greek?

While going Greek is a commitment, it should not in any way limit your friends.


If I attend Formal recruitment, do I have to join?
You do not have to join. Formal recruitment is a great way for you to learn more about each organization and Greek Life to help determine if this is your place. After the week’s events, you will then be given the option of putting a preference sheet in if you would like to join Greek Life at that point and you will be matched up with your sorority.

Is Hazing part of initiation?

Absolutely not. Hazing is illegal and goes against the beliefs of Greek organizations. At Marian, Greek chapters have a proud tradition of respect for all Greek members - current and prospective.


I have a few other commitments. Would I have time to be part of Greek Life?

Yes. Joining a Greek organization will require time and effort, but it should not prohibit you from other experiences. Many Greeks have commitments with jobs, sports, and other organizations and have the time to participate fully in chapter functions.


How much does it cost to join?

The cost ranges between $190 - $450 per semester.


I am interested in Greek Life, but I’m male. Do you have any fraternities?

Please contact the Student Involvement Office and let them know of your interest. We are looking at adding fraternities soon and your interest will help the process.

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