​Greek Life​ at Maria​n

Members of Greek Life are a fun loving and highly involved group of people on campus, in the community, and in their academic pursuits. Those who have joined Greek Life leave Marian with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help them in the future goals.

Members of Greek Life participate in many activities throughout the year. Each organization has philanthropy that they support, complete many service projects, and network with their alumni and members of the community each year. Members of Greek Life are leaders in building school spirit. Each year, they will host school-wide socials, partake in campus events, and bond with the other Greek organizations. In addition, members are involved in many things outside of their Greek organization including employment, internships, athletics, student organizations, family and spiritual commitments. These activities are not only encouraged but often supported by the sisters and brothers in Greek Life.

Who We Are:
Greek Life at Marian consists of the sororities of Alpha Xi Delta, Kappa Beta Gamma, and Theta Phi Alpha. All three sororities are part of Panhellenic Council which provides governance, accountability, educational opportunities, and structure for our chapters. 

Currently there are no men’s fraternities on campus, but we are eager to expand in that direction in the near future.


  • Life-Long Friends 
  • Campus Involvement
  • Community Outreach Opportunities 
  • Academic Support & Excellence 
  • Individual
  • Development through Organizational Ideals 
  • Leadership Skills through Program Planning And Self-Governance 
  • Career Guidance through Networking 
  • Opportunities to Attend Regional & National Conferences

​What We Do:​
  • Alumni Weekend
  • Anti-Hazing Awareness
  • Toga Party
  • Retreats
  • Mr. Marian
  • Adopt-A-Highway
  • Halloween Bucket Sale
  • Sisterhoods
  • Meet the Greek S’mores
  • Formals
  • National Conferences
  • Special Olympics Dance
  • Easter Eggstravaganza
  • Chili Sale
  • Trick or Treat for Autism Speaks
  • Yankee Candle Sale
  • Welcome Back Awards
  • Crush Gram
  • Brat Fry
  • Spring Bucket Sales
  • Wigreek Confrerence
  • Cards for Camp Friendship
  • Bake Sales
  • Mother Daughter Weekend
​We're Involved on Campus:​

  • Big Band
  • One Stop
  • Student Mentor
  • Resident Assistant
  • Student Senate
  • Science & Math Association
  • Marian Activities Committee
  • Organizational Development Day
  • Move-In Crew
  • Marian University Student Nursing Association
  • Panhellenic Council
  • Campus Ministry
  • Mission Trips
  • Spring Leadership Conference