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Dear Marian Students:
We would like to encourage you to make the most out of your time at Marian and one of best ways is to join a sorority or fraternity! The experiences you will gain from a Greek letter organization are huge! The Greeks are leaders in and out of the classroom. They are highly involved in service, leadership, and school spirit.   If you think about it, the Greek experience reinforces Marian’s core values of community, learning, service, social justice, and spiritual traditions.
Greek Life is vital to our campus as it provides strong traditions, a diverse body of services to our community and to our campus, and lifelong shared identity, not just with your Greek organization but with Marian University.
The Office of Student Engagement supports Greek Life as an essential part of the fabric of our student community.  If you are a women interested in making this a part of your experience, please consider one of our three distinct and wonderful sororities.  If you are man seeking a Greek experience, consider helping us found new fraternities on campus.
As you consider your experience at Marian University, think strongly about going Greek and being a vibrant part of our community.
Get inspired, be inspirational. Go Greek!
Paul W. Krikau
Dean of Student Engagement
Kate Candee

Vice President of Student Engagement