​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Office of Student Life

​​dose@marianuniversity.edu   Hornung Student Center Offices 01 through 06   920-923-7666​

Student Life is all about connections.  How do you connect to your fellow students, your professors, your learning, your development, and the larger community, including Fond du Lac.  It's our job to provide a safe, fun, and supportive environment for  you to explore who you are while you're at Marian.  

Residence Life & Dining

This is where you'll find information about the residences and meal plans.  

Safety & Security​

These pages contain important information about how to stay safe on campus and in the community.

One Stop​

This site has information about services provided at the O​ne Stop Service Center in the Administration Building, including links to registration, financial aid, parking, ID services, and student billing.

Student Involvement

Involvement is about everything from orientation and student activities and student organizations.

Rights and Responsibilities​

You can find the Student Handbook, th​e Student Code of Conduct, the Student Bill of Rights, and your right to due process on these pages. It also contains information on how to be an active citizen, including how to register to vote in Wisconsin.

Wellness, Health, & Counseling

The Wellness Center combines Health Services and Counseling Services to promote the wellbeing of the whole person. On these pages you can find information about the location, staff, and services provided.