Section 4: The Rules

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Other Codes


Failure of any student to accurately report an off-campus arrest by any law enforcement agency for any crime (including non-custodial or field arrests) to the Office of Student Life within seventy-two (72) hours of release.

Sales and Solicitation

Any outside individual or group soliciting, canvassing, or disseminating literature or wishing to use the University as a public forum must receive advance written permission from the Office of Student Life. Any violation of public order by the guest(s) will result in withdrawal of the invitation and/or removal of the guest(s).

Sales Events

Officially recognized organizations, departments, and offices, and enrolled students may sponsor sales events by completing the Facilities Reservation Form. Vendors may not sell on campus without organization sponsorship and without giving a portion of their sales to the sponsoring organization or individual. Sales are limited to two days. Organizations or individual students that wish to sponsor a sales event beyond this time limit must submit a formal request to the Office of Student Life prior to the sales activity date.

Students and groups are expected to comply with all state and federal laws regarding sales, solicitation, and health and safety codes.

Food Sales

Any food or beverage sales must comply with the contracted agreement with Sodexo Food Services and the Food Handling and Sanitation guidelines as specified by the Food and Drug Administration. To ensure the health and safety of the Marian University community during food sales, it is essential that the following guidelines be adhered to:

  1. Obtain permission to hold the food sale from the Sodexo Executive Chef.
  2. Wash hands with soap and water before preparing, handling, or selling food.
  3. Wash hands immediately after the use of restroom facilities.
  4. Use clean plastic gloves at all times when preparing, handling, or serving food.
  5. Change plastic gloves frequently. Each group is responsible for providing plastic gloves for its food sale.
  6. A minimum of two people is required — money handlers should only handle money; food handlers should only handle food. Do not mix these jobs.
  7. Use serving utensils to avoid direct contact with food.
  8. Only those free from illness should be preparing, handling, or serving food.
  9. Ensure the serving area is clean at all times during the sale. It is the responsibility of the group conducting the food sale to clean up the area when the food sale has concluded.
  10. Food may not be prepared on site that may pose either a serious health or safety concern. Restricted appliances are at the discretion of the University and include, but are not limited to: deep fryers, open griddles, hot plates, or chafing dishes that are heated with an open flame. Any non-restricted appliances used must be in good working order (i.e. without frayed cords) and must be requested from Campus Services on the Facilities Reservation Form.

When serving hot, precooked meat products, extreme care must be taken to ensure that the product is maintained at the correct temperature.

When submitting a Facilities Reservation Form to schedule a fundraising food sale, please indicate the intended product(s) to be sold. This form can be found at One-Stop and submitted to Campus Services for approval.

Other Policies 

Violating other published Marian policies or rules, including all Residence Hall policies;

Violations of Law 

Evidence of violation of local, state or federal laws, when substantiated through the University's conduct process.