Section 6: Student Conduct Authority

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The Dean of Students is vested with the authority over student conduct by the President. The Dean of Students appoints the Director of Student Community Standards and the Director of Residence Life to oversee and manage the educational administrative student conduct processes. The Dean of Students or his/her designee may appoint administrative hearing officers as deemed necessary to efficiently and effectively supervise the student conduct process.

The Vice President of Student Engagement (or designee) will assume responsibility for the investigation of an allegation of misconduct of hearing officer(s) to determine if the complaint has merit.


No complaint will be forwarded for a hearing unless there is reasonable cause to believe a policy has been violated. Reasonable cause is defined as some credible information to support each element of the offense, even if that information is merely a credible witness or a victim's statement. A complaint wholly unsupported by any credible information will not be forwarded for a hearing.  The Dean of Students or his/her designee determines if credible information standards have been met.

Conflict Resolution Options

The Dean of Students has discretion to refer a complaint for mediation or other forms of appropriate conflict resolution. All parties must agree to conflict resolution and to be bound by the decision with no review/appeal. Any unsuccessful conflict resolution can be forwarded for formal processing and hearing; however, at no time will complaints of physical sexual misconduct or violence be mediated as the sole institutional response. The Dean of Students may also suggest that complaints that do not involve a violation of the Code of Student Conduct be referred for mediation or other appropriate conflict resolution.

Administrative Hearing Officers

Administrative Hearing Officers are chosen from a pool of annually trained by the Dean of Students.

Interpretation and Revision

The Dean of Students will develop procedural rules for the administration of hearings that are consistent with provisions of the Code of Student Conduct. Material deviation from these rules will, generally, only be made as necessary and will include reasonable advance notice to the parties involved, either by posting online and/or in the form of written communication. The Dean of Students may vary procedures with notice upon determining that changes to law or regulation require policy or procedural alterations not reflected in this Code. The Dean of Students may make minor modifications to procedure that do not materially jeopardize the fairness owed to any party. Any question of interpretation of the Code of Student Conduct will be referred to the Vice President of Student Engagement, whose interpretation is final. The Code of Student Conduct will be updated annually under the direction of the Dean of Students with a comprehensive revision process being conducted every three (3) years.