Section 7: Formal Conduct Procedures

Discrimination and Other Sensitive Hearing Provisions

G. Special Hearing Provisions for Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Other Complaints of a Sensitive Nature

The past sexual history or sexual character of a party will not be admissible by the other parties in hearings unless such information is determined to be highly relevant by the Dean of Students and/or Title IX Coordinator. All such information sought to be admitted by a party or the University will be presumed irrelevant until a showing of relevance is made, in advance of the hearing, to the Dean of Students and/or the Title IX Coordinator. Demonstration of pattern, repeated, and/or predatory behavior by the responding student, in the form of previous findings in any legal or campus proceeding, or in the form of previous good faith allegations, will always be relevant to the finding, not just the sanction. The parties will be notified in advance if any such information is deemed relevant and will be introduced in the hearing.

The party bringing any complaint alleging sexual misconduct, other behavior falling with the coverage of Title IX and/or a crime of violence will be notified in writing of the outcome of a hearing, any sanctions assigned and the rationale for the decision.