Saturday, August​ 29

7:30–8:45am       Breakfast

HSC Dining Room

*9:00–9:45am     SABRE NATION: Sammy’s Reveal and Class Photo

Stayer Center Auditorium

Sammy Sabre has gone away for the summer for a whole new look! Join Student Senate for his big reveal and for the Incoming Class of 2015’s class picture! Wear ​your Marian gear or Marian colors and come smile! If you don’t have either, come smile regardless because it won’t be complete without you!


*9:45–11:00am   Marian: If it’s not related to elephants… it’s irrelephant… Actions for Success with Jennifer Krueger and Lisa Kidd

Stayer Center Auditorium

In this highly interactive session, you will learn how to bring your best self to class and every interaction you have on campus. Lisa and Jen will have relevant and engaging steps to guide you through your first weeks and semester at Marian. Warning: Corny Humor and the use of elephants as a metaphor will pervade this session.


*11:00–11:20am Navigating the Technology Components at Marian Overview

Stayer Center Auditorium

Marian uses a variety of technology interfaces for students and their college experience.  In this session, you will work to navigate Marian Online 2, My Marian, Sabre Net, Email, Social Media, and Apps.  Learning these components will help you with assignment submissions, registration for future courses, communicating with faculty, staff and students, or knowing what is going on around campus. 


11:20–12:20pm   Lunch

HSC Dining Room


*12:30–5:20pm   The Smorgasbord of Opportunity!

Various Locations. Sheet will be given to you at 11:00 Session

There are many things you have to know and there are also many things that you might want to know because it interests you! This afternoon is just that! You will be assigned to some very specific sessions as it is something every Marian student needs to know, and then you will have the opportunity to pick out the rest of the sessions that you attend based on your interests. Attendance will be taken at each session.


Required Sessions:

Lessons of the Library
Receive a tour and general introduction to the library. Learn the must-know information such as hours and policies, location of resources, computer labs, study areas, equipment and staff, and how to log into computers and print.
Career Services: Inspired…to hired!
Welcome to Career Services!  In this session Career Services will assist you in setting up your very own Job Connection account; your first step as a college student in connecting with employers for future internships and employment.  Inspired…to hired!
Rights & Responsibilities
Do you know Marian University’s Human Dignity Statement?  Did you know it is the basis for all your rights as a student?  It’s also the basis of your responsibilities, too.  This session will touch on the things you need to know to be a safe and positive member of the Marian University community.
Emergencies: Keeping You Safe!
Starting at Marian is exciting, but we also need to make sure that you are safe. We will help prepare you for emergencies through a simulation exercise in an informal, stress-free environment. Participants will gather and discuss general problems and procedures in the context of an emergency scenario while training and familiarizing roles, procedures, and responsibilities.
Student Mentors will be discussing the different technology components that Marian requires of all students.  You learn more about Marian Online 2-the course assignment/reading dashboard, MyMarian, Marian SkyDrive/One Drive, Marian email, Sabre Net, and other social media groups/apps.  This is a must so you understand what is expected of you in regards to technology and your academic success.
YouPick 3 Interest Sessions:
So what is this Greek thing?
You probably have some sort of an idea of fraternity and sorority life on campus, but is it accurate? Come join us for our own version of Hollywood Game Night where we better introduce you to the world of Greek Life in a pressure free but completely fun environment!
Campus Dining:
Campus Dining offers dynamic platforms for balanced nutrition.  The session will include interactive learning about mindful eating, which includes demonstrations of MyFitnessPal app and its usefulness in making healthy dining choices on campus  as our National Award Winning Menu Program, called Mindful and much more.
Staying Healthy Your 1st Year – How to Survive and Thrive
The Director of Counseling Services and College Nurse will provide trips and tricks on how to stay healthy physically, mentally, and socially.  Student Success – You Are Not Alone
How do I do this “college thing” by myself?  The good news is: you don’t!  The Coordinator of Student Success collaborates with students, their families, advisors, faculty, and other offices to help you with the academic and personal challenges of college.  Allow me to assist you to define your success.  
Intramurals: Get your Game On!
The Intramural Sports program at Marian provides sports activities for those who enjoy a structured approach to recreation. Intramural events are offered to give everyone a chance to play the sports they enjoy playing and offers all students a chance to participate in sports they have not played in the past. Come and learn how you can participate in Intramurals this school year!
Study Abroad
Cultivate nursing skills on a rural island in Nicaragua. Attend a lecture about the Colosseum at the Colosseum Study and Surf on the Gold Coast of Australia. Examine biodiversity and zip-line through the rainforest in Costa Rica. Advance foreign language skills over tapas, fútbol, and flamenco immersed in the Spanish culture. Study art history at the Louvre in Paris. The opportunities are endless…begin planning your study abroad adventure today!
Campus Ministry . . . where will your journey take you?
Fasten your seat belt and come along for this 25 minute interactive workshop and discover a five new things about yourself as you begin your freshman journey!!!! This interactive workshop will explore ways to develop new relationships, continue to develop your spirituality, and discover which organizations are for you. Sr. Marie Scott is the Director of Campus Ministry and Assistant Professor of History.  She will challenge you think about taking a ride around the block & thinking in new paradigms.
Service Learning
Come learn what Marian has to offer for service opportunities. In addition, Marian uses Noble Hour as a tracking of service hours.  In this session we will talk about both, so that you can continue to serve Marian, Fond du Lac, and your community. Be inspired to serve!​
​Get Moving!
​There is a lot of opportunities available to make the most out of your experience at Marian! With a plethora of options, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what to do. We're here to help you make the most of your experience by helping you find the organizations and events that fit your values and make the most out of your experience.


5:20–7:00pm      Dinner

HSC Dining Room


8:00pm              Juggling Comedian, Alex Clark

HSC Dining Room

Youtube powerhouse Alex Clark does more than just make cartoons.  He’s a quick witted, energetic, and bright comedian.  A comedian… that just happens to juggle.  His epic blend of circus and stand up is what keeps audiences at the edge of their seats.  He’s juggled chainsaws, tempted fate with fire, and balanced on big unicycles, but these are all foot-notes to his wise-cracking, mile a minute laughs.  His act is polished, riveting, and hilarious. The perfect mix of both awe and laughter.  He was even named one of 2014’s Hottest Variety Acts.  Put simply, it’s really freaking cool. 


10:00pm            Outdoor Movie, Title to be Announced


*Attendance is expected for all students. In addition, assignments for GEN 101 will be based on this orientation session. ​