Sunda​y, August 30 – Living the Core

8:00–9:00am      Breakfast

HSC Dining Room


*11:00–12:20pm  Embracing Learning: Academic Skills that are Key

You will begin in the Stayer Center Auditorium and then be directed to rooms

You will have an opportunity to choose two workshops to attend to help get you prepared for the first few weeks of college.  College is not that same as high school and these sessions help to equip you for success.  Topics to choose from:  Time Management, Understanding your Learning Style, Note Taking, Reading for Success, or Communicating in a Digital Age.


12:20–1:20pm      Lunch

HSC Dining Room


*1:30–2:30pm      Inspired to Live the Mission

Stayer Center Auditorium

Marian University takes great pride in its Mission and Core Values as it is the foundation of the University.  In this session, you will discover what makes Marian University distinct and how who you are connects, so that we continue to live the Mission and be inspired by the Core Values!


*2:30– 4:00pm     Inspired to Serve

Stayer Center Auditorium

Living the core values of service, community, and learning will be an essential component of your first year at Marian University.  You will have the opportunity to do a service activity either on campus or with a nearby community partner.     In this session, you will use your experience to write your first paper in GEN 101 related to service–learning and socially responsible action.  It is important that you attend.


*4:00–5:00pm      What’s Most Important to Us: A Values Celebration

Stayer Center Auditorium

Often times a person can begin at college and wonder why do people do what they do? The crucial component of understanding others is to first understand oneself and how beliefs and values play into who people are.  This shared experience will help you on all accounts.  It’s time to clarify!


5:00–7:00pm        Dinner

HSC Dining Room


5:30pm                 Celebrating our Spiritual Traditions

Dorcas Chapel

Students, staff, and faculty from all religious backgrounds are welcome to celebrate in the first Mass of the semester. Fr. Charlie Wester of Shepherd of the Hills Parish in Eden, WI, is the celebrant. Mass is typically Sunday evenings at 5:30 p.m. in Dorcas Chapel during the academic year.


7:30–9:00pm       R.E.L.A.X! Classes Begin Tomorrow!

Naber Greenspace, Hornung Student Center

It’s an evening of Rejuvenation, Eats, Laughter, Activities, and Xpression– Join us! This is a great time to hang out to meet new people or hang out with new friends in a relaxing atmosphere. Come try new things, get a snack, listen to some music, and hang out before classes begin tomorrow.

*Attendance is expected for all students. In addition, assignments for GEN 101 will be based on this orientation session. ​