Marian University
Freshmen Externship Program 2018
Sponsor Organization Fact Sheet 

Career Services

What is an externship?
Marian University Career Services offers a one-week Freshmen Externship program for first-year students during winter break.  The externship will run from January 15 through January 19, 2018.  Externships, or “mini internships,” provides students firsthand experience, by observing and engaging in a career field that interest them before they pursue further education.
Marian University Career Services will offer approximately 20 externship sites to  approximately 30 first-year students. Student may be paired with another student with similar career interests and assigned to a host sponsor organization.  Marian alums, parents, friends of Marian University, and companies interested in Marian talent are encouraged to become sponsor organizations. Career Services will continue to advance the externship program, increasing the number of sponsor organizations and students each year. 
How do externships work?
Your organization sponsors one or two Marian students on-site, during regular business hours, beginning January 15 through January 1319, 2018. A student extern at the host sponsor organization could:
·         Assist with specific projects for a hands-on experience
·         Attend organization meetings
·         Shadow a staff member or team to get a sense of the organization’s culture and values
·         Meet one-on-one with staff members to learn about the field
Why should your organization sponsor a Marian externship?
Marian University graduates leaders and entrepreneurs across all industries.  Partnering with Marian University on the pilot externship program will allow leaders in your organization to inspire our future student leaders as to the importance of completing a college degree and finding a career fit.
Sponsoring a Marian extern provides your organization the opportunity to:
·         Share valuable experience and insight with a young college student
·         Instill interest in your organization
·         Network early with Marian students for the potential of future internships and employment
How to apply to be an externship sponsor organization
Questions?  Contact Mary Hatlen, Director of Career Services, at 920.923.7161 or for additional information.