Service-Learning through Marian University allows students to enhance their education by contributing to their community in a meaningful way...and it's FUN!
Advantages to students:
  • Enriches student learning of course material and “brings books to life and life to books.”
  • Students build relationships within the community that enhance career opportunities.
  • Critical thinking in real world situations builds skills that are attractive to future employers.
  • Promotes community and civic responsibility.
Are you ready to get involved?
There are three ways you can include Service-Learning in your educational process:
  • Check out the Service-Learning Faculty and Course Listing page (link) to see what courses already include Service-Learning.
  • If you are taking a class you feel could easily integrate a Service-Learning component, or if you have an idea for a Service-Learning project that you feel would benefit the community, ask your professor to consider your suggestion.
  • Finally you can contact the Marian University Service-Learning Office located in the Student Development Center, for placement ideas.
In deciding what might be an appropriate placement for your Service-Learning experience, you may want to consider the following:
  • What do you like to do? What are your career interests? Do you currently volunteer or have interests that could translate into a Service-Learning opportunity?
  • Do you have a course with a Service-Learning component? If so, what are the stated learning objectives? If not, could such a course fit into your course schedule?
  • Do you have a skill set that contributes something special to an agency’s needs?
  • Do you know what the time commitment might be for that agency and can you make that commitment?
Catholic Volunteer Network:
For more information about Service-Learning through Marian University contact:
Dani Huray, Service-Learning Senior Assistant (920) 926-6718
Student Development Center
Mobile Unit East