Marian University
Freshmen Externship Program 2018
Application Fact Sheet

Career Services

Benefit to students.  An externship will provide you a rewarding experience that will help you explore the working world, meet new people who work within the field/industry, and help you explore a particular area.  You may wish to continue a professional relationship with the sponsor for potential internships or employment opportunities in the future.
Externship Dates and Cost.  The 2018 Freshmen Externship will be held January 15 – 19, 2018.  The week long externship will take place daily during regular business hours, unless otherwise specified by the sponsor organization.  There is no cost to register for an externship. 
Application. The Marian University Student Externship application process is coordinated through the Career Services Office and requires completion of three items:
·         2018 0nline Student Externship Application Form click here
·         Résumé (send to
·         250 word goal statement (send to
            Note: The goal statement, about two paragraphs, should speak to 1) Why you are interested in an externship? and 2) How does participating in an externship
                       relate to your career interests?
Deadline.  The online externship application form, resume, and goal statement must be submitted by October 15. 
Eligibility. All freshman students are eligible to apply to the externship program.  Considerations will include good academic standing, class attendance and appropriate conduct. Please note, first year international students are not eligible to participate in the externship program due to visa restrictions.  For international student questions, please contact the Office of International Education, at 920.923.7148.
Buddy System.  To provide a great experience, two students may be paired and assigned to a sponsor organization.
All externships are unpaid, unless otherwise specified.
Housing.  Upon completion and approval of the Winterim Housing Contract, resident students may reside on-campus for the duration of the externship: Sunday, January 14 through Saturday, January 20. Students are responsible for Winterim housing costs, which is $10 per day.
Transportation.  Students are responsible for transportation to the externship sponsor organization and any transportation costs.
Selection.  The Freshmen Externship Selection Committee will review application materials as well as academic and conduct standing. The Externship Selection Committee will assign students to a sponsor organization based on student interest and major; however, cannot guarantee a student’s first choice.
Notification.  Students will be notified of placement on October 30. 
Acceptance of placement.  Students must notify the Career Services Office of acceptance of placement by November 3.
Orientation.  Accepted students must complete a Freshmen Externship Orientation on November 9.  Two sessions will be offered:  Noon-12:50 (Sabre Hour) and 4:00-5:00pm.  Students must attend one of these sessions. Before the externship students will be required to complete 1) Learning Contract and 2) Freshmen Externship Liability Waiver Form, 3) Consent for Photography/Videography Form.  After the externship students will be required to complete a 2-page reflection paper, poster board, and thank you card due by February 2 to the Director of Career Services.
Transcript Notation.  The externship is registered as GEN 197 for 0 credit on the student’s transcript.  A CR will be noted for successful completion on the transcript or NR will be noted for unsuccessful completion of the externship.  Successful completion requires daily attendance, prompt arrival, full participation at the externship, and completion of the required 2-page reflection paper, poster board and thank you card, which are due by February 2 and will be reviewed by the Director of Career Services.