Resources for Diverse Populations

There are many great resources out there for people of varied backgrounds.  Here are just a few great resources:

Black Collegian Online

An online companion to the free print publication.  This site offers information about career opportunities, graduate and professional school, internsips and much more.

Diversity Employers

Advice from experts including tools for locating and applying for employemt, employer information and other employment resources.

Feminist Majority Foundation

Information on nonprofit organizations, jobs, internships and other associations that support the feminism movement.

Islamic Society of North America

Information about hiring organizations, application procedures and other employment related information.


A database of searchable resume information and employment postings.  This site is multi-lingual.

LGBT CareerLink

Connect with employers and other site users, create a full profile, upload a resume and network.

The OU Job Board, The Orthodox Union

Create a free profile, upload a resume, seach for employment opportunities and gain access to other social services this organization provides.

The Tribal Employment Newsletter

Regularly updated career opportunities, uploadable resumes and many other related services.

Resources for People with Disabilities

CareerConnect, American Foundation for the Blind

Explore careers, build a resume, and connect with a volunteer mentor, view employment links and more

Entry Point

Internship opportunities in the science field geared specifically toward students with disabilities.


Find career opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  Users can search a job listing database, create a profile, and perform career assessments.

Hire Disability Solutions

Information, resources, databases of opportunities, for those seeking meaningful employment.

American Association of People with Disabilities

This site offers advocacy and employment opportunities for disabled individuals.


Resources for Military Veteran Civilian Career Re-entry

Job postings, and career fairs for those transitioning from military to civilian employment.

Military to Civilian

Career, job search advice, and resume assistance for those separating from the service.

Resources for Veterans and Military Personnel and Their Families

Support, services and resources for former military their families including pay rates, employment verification and financial rights.

The Veteran’s Job Search,

This site offers articles, resource and guidance for those transitioning from military to civilian workforce.

Resources for Ex-Offenders

Career Resource Centers:

Career assessment tools, career exploration, and tools to prepare for career re-entry.

Family and Corrections Network

Providing services and resources to incarcerated and their families during re-entry efforts.

National HIRE Network

Training and assistance for those who are trying to improve their employment opportunities.  Also lists of state and local agencies available for support.

The National Institute of Corrections

This agency offers technical assistance, training, and other informational services for those seeking to gain employment after incarceration.

Simulated Online/Kiosk Job Application

Interactive site offers practice for submitting applications using a kiosk machine, including a printable worksheet to take with you when applying for work.

Using Employment Kiosks and Online Job Applications, The Riley Guide

Another option to utilize when practicing entering applications on kiosk machines.