Social Media:

Social media can enhance your job search in many ways.  Social media offers a fast, constant and direct communication between yourself and prospective employers.

Benefits of using Social Media: 

  • Increase your chances of making connections with employers
  • Learn more about a business or trade
  • Enhance your visibility and showcase your skills and abilities
  • Update people about your accomplishments
  • Stay aware of employment opportunities
  • Reach out to a broader audience


What is a Professional Brand and how do I use it?

A professional brand is a personal statement we make about ourselves online using online presence to leverage the impression we make on others.  When we are looking for employment this is one way to get attention.  Here are some ways to create a successful professional brand:

  • Feature your professional accomplishments
  • List your skills, abilities and experiences
  • Share your marketable traits
  • Update your information regularly
  • Let people know you are looking for work
  • Maintain professionalism on these sites


LinkedIn Videos:


LinkedIn Worksheets and Checklists


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