Bomb Threat

​​​    HSC 107      920-923-8950    


Bomb Threat Type​

Remain calm and do not panic!​



Start filling out Bomb Threat Chart -

  • Date, Time, Exact words, Time caller hung up
  • Questions to Ask (1-8) fill out as much as possible -
  • Check applicable boxes on chart for these items.
  • ​Description of caller's voice (Male, Female, Young, Old, Estimated Age, Race, If voice is familiar who?)
  • Speech (Slow, Excited, Disgusted, Angry, Rapid, Loud, Broken, Crying, Normal, Lisp, Sincere, Slurred)
  • Background Sounds (Street Noises, House Noises, Voices, Clear, Static, Local, Music, Office or Factory Nosies, Other)
  • Threat Language (Well Spoken, Irrational, Incoherent, Taped, Other)
  • Call 911
  • After evacuation; immediately call Campus Security x8950 

Letter or Written Message

Record the following information:

  • Who found the threat
  • Who was present
  • Where was the threat found or how was it delivered
  • When it was found or delivered
  • Call 911
  • After evacuation; immediately call Campus Security x8950 

Suspicious Package

or Parcel

Example (link)

​Take the following steps:
  • Do not handle, smell or taste the mail piece or package suspected of contamination.
  • Isolate the immediate area; alert others to clear the room until it is cordoned off.
  • Call 911
  • Call Campus Security x 8950
  • Ensure that all persons who have touched the mail piece wash their hands with soap and water.
  • Place all items worn when in contact with the suspected mail piece in plastic bags and have them available for law enforcement agents.  

Explosive Device

Stand-Off Chart (Link)

​Take the following steps:

  • Do not handle the suspected device.
  • Immediately evacuate the area; stay behind walls and away from windows if possible. (At least 150 feet)
  • Call 911
  • Be prepared to give as much details as possible about the description of the device (Size, Color, Nosies, Exposed Wires, Location)
  • After evacuation; immediately call Campus Security x8950