​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Campus Safety and Security

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Click on this link to watch a Marian University Security Presentation on campus safety and social awareness.  

​​ ​ ​ ​ IN AN EMERGENCY DIAL 911!​​ ​

Security​Anonymous Tip FormBehavior Intervention Team Report​
Form here.  Please be thorough and understand that anonymity makes it more difficult to address some situations.​ ​Reports are forwarded to the Dean of Students and the Associate Vice President for Mission and Dean, Academic Advising.

Campus Safety and Security Mission Statement

The mission of Campus Safety and Security is to provide a safe and secure campus by enforcing the law and Marian University’s policies, while engaging students, faculty and staff through learning and development programs. 

Important Topics

Safety and Security has a number of important roles.  In addition to enforcing community standards and protecting community members, Safety and Security also provides training and other resources to the campus and wider community on how to stay safe and report problems you see.  ​Additionally, this office manages our vehicles, shuttle services, and parking program.                                                                     


This site has resources for obtaining your parking permit, the policies and protocols about parking on campus, and information about how to pay or appeal tickets. 

Emergency Preparedness and Response

This site contains information on the university's process and protocols for responding to adverse events ranging from personal threats to severe weather. 

Clery Act Information
     Notification Page    Crime Log (in development)

This page contains the university's reports on annual crime and fire statistics. These reports detail information on crime and fire on campus as well as the institutional resources and responses regarding these events.

Vehicle Services

The University has several vehicles available for use by faculty, staff and student organizations for Marian sponsored events or functions.  To request a vehicle contact Security campsafe2@marianuniversity.edu or by calling 920-923-8950.  In order to be certified as a driver, please contact the Office of Human Resources.  Only approved personnel are allowed to drive University vehicles. 

*Printable versions of PDFs on this page available upon request. Please contact campsafe2@marianuniversity.edu