Civil Disturbance     HSC 107      Campus Safety 920-923-8950    

Civil Disturbance 
Remain calm and evaluate the severity of the situation, is it a…
  • Peaceful, Non-Obstructive Protest
  • Non-Violent, Disruptive Protest
  • Violent, Disruptive Protest
Do not confuse a demonstration with civil disorder. Civil disorder involves felonious behavior (arson, burglary, assault, serious property damage)

Follow University instructions exactly
ü    Help the University disseminate accurate information and instructions
ü Support an authorized lockdown or evacuation order
ü Do not contribute to the spread of rumors
ü Obtain updates from University and Department leaders


​​Purpose. In many cases protests on University Grounds such as marches, meetings, picketing and rallies will be peaceful and non-obstructive. A protest should not be disrupted unless one or more of the following conditions exists as a result of the demonstration:

 Disruption of the normal operations of the University may include any of the following:

  • Obstructing access to offices or buildings.
  • Threat of physical harm to persons or damage to University facilities.
  • Willful demonstrations within the interior of any University building or structure.
  • Unauthorized entry into or occupation of any University room, building, or structure.


1. Peaceful, Non-Obstructive Protest:

  A. Generally, peaceful protests should not be interrupted.

  B. If protestors continue after regular facility closing time, the President and other Emergency Management Team members will monitor situation and determine the violation of regular closing hours should be treated as a disruptive protest.

2. Non-Violent, Disruptive Protest: (blocking access or interfering with operation)

  A. Protestors asked to leave or to discontinue the disruptive activities.


  B. Read warning statement to leave immediately or you will be in violation of both the University’s Standards of Conduct and Wisconsin Law.
  C. Notify protestors that the University has requested that law enforcement clear this area.




3. Violent, Disruptive Protests: In the event that a violent protest in which injury to persons or property occurs or appears imminent, the following will occur:

  A. During Business Hours: The University Campus Safety and Security will be notified immediately. Campus Safety and Security will in turn contact key administrators.
  B. After Business Hours: The Campus Safety and Security will be notified immediately of the disturbance and take action as necessary to preserve order and public safety. Campus Safety and Security will investigate the disruption and report and notify the Director of Student Services who will inform other key administrators.
  C. If it becomes necessary, Campus Safety and Security or designee will call for assistance from the City of Fond du Lac Police Department and Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office or other law enforcement agencies as needed.