​​​​​​​​​​​​​Emergency Preparedness and Responses

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​This site contains information on active killer/shooter response plans and protocols, as well as training.
This site includes information and resources about the university's responses and protocols in repsonding to disorderly conduct, rioting, and other civil disturbances.

​Fire prevention and other safety concerns are the largest safety and security threats on college campuses.  The institution's responses to these situations, as well other resources, regarding fire and life safety issues are found here.

This page contains information on how to report or respond to bomb threats on campus.

​Severe weather can threaten property as well as lives on campus.  Infromation on how to best respond to severe weather is found here. 

Shelter Locations

Sheltering in place is not only for severe weather but may be important in other situations, as well.  Learn more about sheltering here.