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When bringing a vehicle to the Marian campus, all laws imposed by the State of Wisconsin and the City of Fond du Lac, as well as policies enacted by the University to regulate traffic and parking, must be obeyed. Marian University is empowered to enforce these laws and policies and levy fines for infractions. Marian University reserves the right to have illegally parked cars towed at the owner's expense. Parking policies at Marian University are subject to change at the discretion of the administration of the University, city ordinance, or state law.

Every motor vehicle parked in a Marian University parking lot must display a current Marian University vehicle registration permit sticker. The permit sticker must be placed on the lower left corner of the driver's side rear window. Students may purchase an annual parking permit from through the parking portal on the Campus Safety and Security page on for a cost of $75 for the academic year or $50 for the spring semester. This permit is valid only for the academic year in which it is purchased. Parking permits are non-refundable.

If a parking permit is lost or stolen, the student will be required to purchase a new parking permit (at the regular cost of $75 or $50) to continue parking on campus. Outdated parking permits must be removed from vehicles each year. Please note: purchase of a permit does not guarantee parking availability. Moreover, a permit and/or on-campus parking privileges may be revoked for continual non-compliance with policies.

On-campus parking in non-restricted areas of the campus is allowed on a first-come, first-serve basis. All parking areas, fire lanes, handicapped spaces, and other restricted areas are marked. These areas should be left open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Resident students may park in the fire lane for unloading purposes no longer than 15 minutes and must turn on emergency flashers. The guest spaces throughout campus are reserved for non-Marian patrons only (members of the University community are not permitted to park in these spaces). There are limited spaces available for student parking near the Duplexes and Cedar Creek Apartments. However, not all residents in the Duplexes and Cedar Creek Apartments are assured parking spaces in that area. Available Duplex parking lots may only be used by residents of the respective Duplex. The remaining residents of the Duplexes and Cedar Creek Apartments must park their vehicle in the Courtyard, Naber Hall, Regina Hall, Stayer Center, or Townhouse parking lots.

Parking or campus safety personnel will ticket vehicles illegally parked on campus, and city police may issue city parking tickets for vehicles illegally parked in fire lanes and handicapped spaces. The University does not have the authority to void city-issued tickets.

Fines for parking violations are as follows:

  • No Parking Permit — $20 fine. The first violation will be voided if the student purchases a parking permit.
  • Improper Parking — $25 fine (examples include, but are not limited to: parking in the Stayer Center and Todd Wehr Alumni Center Guest parking area; parking on grass, sidewalks, or perimeters of parking lots or driveways; taking up two parking spaces; parking in a no-parking zone, parking in reserved parking spaces).
  • Fire Lane/Handicapped Parking — $30 fine.

*Note: Parking violations may be appealed up to seven days after issue.  Violations paid within the seven days will result in an early pay discount of $5 off violation.  Failure to pay within 14 days of a violation will result in an increase of $10. Parking appeal forms are available on the parking portal. Any unpaid fines will be added to the student's account.

Marian University assumes no responsibility for the vehicle or protection of any vehicle and its contents while on campus property.

Guest Parking Permits

Temporary guest parking permits are available at One-Stop. (Marian University students who are registered for classes are not classified as guests.) Guests are encouraged to obtain temporary permits that allow parking in all general parking areas of the campus. Temporary guest permits are limited to three days. Students enrolled at Marian University are limited to two (2) temporary permits per semester.

Parking for Trailers, U-Hauls, etc.

Vehicles transporting trailer beds, U-Hauls, etc., are required to park in the Stayer Center parking lot along the perimeter in order to not disrupt the flow of traffic. No other parking lots on campus are large enough to accommodate these needs.

Snow Removal

In the case of heavy snow during the winter, Campus Services will plow campus parking lots and clear sidewalks as quickly as possible. Notices will be sent to the University community to vacate specific lots. Failure to remove a vehicle during the notification period will result in the ticketing and/or towing of the vehicle at the owner's expense.

Visitor Parking

Visitors may park in the designated parking spaces in the Stayer Center or Regina Hall parking lots.

Winter Parking Ordinance for the City of Fond du Lac

It is the responsibility of each student to become familiar with the parking laws of the City of Fond du Lac. From November 15 until March 15, the Fond du Lac Police Department will enforce the winter parking ordinance daily from 8:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. The ordinance is based on a commonly used odd–even concept. On even calendar days, students may only park on the even address side of the street (i.e. the south side of Division St.). On odd calendar days, parking is allowed only on the odd side (i.e. the north side of Division St.).