Review of Active Human Threat Response Protocols
The documents below are supporting evidence compiled by a review team that analyzed Marian University responses to reports of an active human threat (killer; shooter) on campus.  The review was conducted from November 20, 2015 through January 15, 2016 by:
  • Paul Krikau, chair - Dean of Student Engagement
  • Dee Harmsen, Director of Student Services
  • Matt Rose, Coordinator of Campus Safety and Security
  • Dan Parizo, Director of Information Technology Services


The presentation for the President's Cabinet for February, 2016.

The executive summary for the Cabinet.


An example, using the events of November 5, 2015, of a complete after action report following an emergency action by the Critical Response Team.

A strengths, weakness, opportunity, and threat analysis conducted on our active human threat response after the events of November 15, 2015

A list of the protocols and procedures for all Marian University radio holders to adhere to, particularly during crises.

An inventory and tracking of university owned radios and a brief description of radio language usage policies and protocols.

A list of notification templates to keep messaging concise and on point, yet complete for texting and email messaging.

The PowerPoint for the Active Killer preparedness training presented to faculty, staff, and students.  It includes ALiCE training.