Sheboygan Area SHRM Jack Schoemer Scholarship
AWARD:  $1,000.00
·         Applicants for the scholarship are required to meet the following qualifications:
·         Be a Sheboygan, Calumet, or Manitowoc County resident. Sheboygan County residents will be given preference.
·         Entering the second year or higher at an accredited post-secondary institution. Preferably the post-secondary
·         institution is in Wisconsin, though this is not a requirement.
·         Be a full-time student.
·         Have a declared major or an emphasis in human resources management.
·         Show commitment and career interest in human resources.
·         Be in good standing at school and in the community.
·         Applicants of Sheboygan Area-SHRM Scholarship Selection Committee, Board Members, and their family members
·         are not eligible.
·         Previous Sheboygan Area-SHRM Scholarship recipients are not eligible.
·         Be available for an in-person or conference call interview.
Additional Information:  In addition to application, include a statement of your careeer goals and why you are pursuing a degree in Human Resources Management.
DEADLINE: March 28, 2014