Policy Development and Review Policy​

Marian University ensures that every school and department has a mechanism for establishing operating rules to ensure consistency in carrying out the duties, functions, and responsibilities that reflect the mission and values of the University.  This mechanism must be an effective process for recommending, coordinating, writing, approving and distributing these rules.  Policies are guidelines for faculty, staff, students, and outline the University’s expected standard operating procedures. 

All university policies fall within a greater hierarchy of laws, statutes and rules. University policies are subject to compliance with laws and regulations instituted by higher governing authorities as follows:

 A.  Federal laws and regulations

 B.  State laws and administrative rules

 C.  State Board of Education policies and procedures

 D.  University policies and procedures

Marian University reserves the right to establish and carry out specific policies and procedures which, in accordance with the applicable Federal and/or State law, are utilized and adhered to in the conduct of the legitimate business of the University.  All policies and procedures shall be applied in a manner consistent with applicable Federal and/or State law.

Policies are to be reviewed on a minimum three-year rotation.  Every member of the university community has the right to recommend revisions to a currently established policy or recommend the creation of a new policy based on institutional data, best practices, and/or new regulations or standards relevant to the operations of the University.

The Office of Academic Affairs will establish the review schedule of institutional policies.  Individual schools, departments, or offices with policies that are not at the institutional level will establish their own policy review schedule with each policy being reviewed at least every three years.  Procedures may be reviewed more frequently depending on analysis of institutional data; best practices; or federal, state, or affiliated agency requirement.​​​

The Procedure

Policy Procedure 

Policy Process 

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